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Today don't want to cry

Updated on September 14, 2011

Our love

love was a concept i searched for the meaning of love was a word used, trying to find itself , love was a lyric danced to... was love.Words were shallow, the air was sweet and full of love, surrender was all there was to do, you and God were together in love with me.


Now...Love is love.. A gift , a blessing, a treasure we share, beyond temptation, beyond consideration, Our love endures In God's heart

My love........................


Today don't want to cry
It's not working
It's really not working
It's really not giving
relief from this pain...

So, i cut my hand
Not to hurt you
But to give me a little relax
Just to forget those headache
I cut one of my hand........

Now blood drops
Its now one drop.
Two drops..
And some more drops....
Now it flows down............

It's kindling little
Kindling a little more..
I can't tolerate now
I want you here
Want you just come......

Want you come to me....
Clean the bloods
Give me medicine
And my headache will goes down..

I have no knack to bear all the sarrows
It Constrain me
I have no option....
Doctor is not giving me medicine
I need really a solution..........

I need to feel relax..

Yes i need a little relax now!!!!!!!!!


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    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      Dear Bander, I can feel the passion with which you write your poetry. But really, you need to step back and be a bit rational. Your's doesn't seem like love, rather it seems like obessession. But who am I to know?

      That picture is quite graphic, viewer discretion should be advised...

      Why are you hurting yourself like this? It's not going to help you in any way. It's good that you're trying to help yourself relieve your feelings through poetry...but Please try not to cut yourself ever again...It's not worth it.

      Do read my poem about cutting here:

      Read more about self-injury, why you should stop and how:

      Thank you for following me. Take care...

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Thanks Dinesh Nair,

      Yes this is the part of my life which i never forget and want to keep it close to me.

      Thanks for giving the time to read the poem.

    • VENZKHVAM profile image

      VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

      Dear Mottiandbander,

      Even though it's bit sadistic but you had written very nice poem.

      I feel sad for you if it is very real or else your creation need to be appreciative.

      I immensely enjoyed the literary part of the poem.

      Thanks for sharing with us.

      I had voted this up and Beautiful

      with warm regards

      Dinesh Nair.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Thanks a lot @ ubanichijioke

      But its not the end.

      I have now a lot of times to wait.

      I will wait for her till she can feel my love.

      She will come back to me.

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      Sad story of love gone sour. I employ you to cherish the life you have now and live for the future. Happiness will be your own. Wishing you all the best. Lots of love.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Thanks@ Anonymous ...But i have tried thousands of times ...Thousands of tries...

      Don't know why i am so weak only for her ...Don't know why i am doing all the works for her fearlessly. Don't know why my heart is crying more than me. Don't know why i am thinking she is just talking with me now...Don't know why .......

      Well i want to be with my love and spend my life with her. May god help me.. May i not find her mine but i want to love her forever...but i want to keep her mine close forever...God help me if i am true.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      This precious life is not yours,Its the gift of God Remember this thing.Why you going to ruin this? Don't spoil this for any stupidities. Thanks to God that he met you with the life. At least most precious than that motti.

      Say cheers and welcome back zindgi..

      :) smile now and be happy forever.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      I don't know why i love her. I love someone who don't want to see my face. I love someone from my heart who don't want to talk to me.I love someone Who is the most special person in my life.

      But she wants someone else. Why this happen.I can't tell anyone how me living in this bloody world.I can't say how much headache its being now.Why i am so emotional. Why i am so selfish..Why i want to show off my love . Why i want to cry for her.

      I know why i am showing because i want to be little relax. I want to be little light .I want to say her everything that i am in such a hell where i searched you but that doesnot exist .

      I want to ask to god why you did this with me...I want to cry for my stupid love...I want to love you till my last inhalation.

      God i got everything in this world. Now i want to die..Please help me...Thanks for your life..I don't want now.Please call me.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      I agree with you...Well i don't want anything else now .Just want to be happy a little.

      Thanks for your way of showing for the solution.

      May god want this.

      I don't know what is right to do but i won't do experiment with my life.I will go where god will take me.

      God please help me .

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      "It is our sadness that makes us who we are; for had it been mere happiness, not many of us would have been poets."

      - Qudsia Pervez

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      God does not show you ways to get back to her my dear, it is your heart that keeps running after her and you LOOK for signs, signs that sometimes may not even be there.

      Don't go far away from her, no one is asking you to do that, but do not be a leech either. My dear on hubpages you will find a million of us who have endured what you are going through. We use all our feelings to write and you should do the same.

      Meanwhile start looking at other women, start searching for another because until you don't fall in love with someone else, you will continue to love her.

      I want to dedicate a song to you,

      The songs name is 'Blower's daughter', read the lyrics of the song. In it you will find the message I am trying to explain to you.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Thanks @ Qudsia1 .I know what i have to do but when i am trying to do that ,Trying to leave my past , i don't know why god shows me a ray of hope to get her once again.I can't go far away from her.Its too panic.

      Well i wish she may be happy with her life .After that i will be same.God help me both ...

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      My dear you can either choose to dwell in the past and become an eternal devdas or you can live.

      For whom do you cut yourself? For she who stands not beside you? You say you need no compassion, no you seek attention. No one can force love; you could pour your heart out and it would mean nothing.

      We all are heartbroken and all of us will love again. Do not ruin your life, life is too precious for you to waste on mere memories.

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Thanks john.....

      Thanks for your compassion. But i don't need anyone's compassion now. Want to live here in this hell with all of my memory and all of my love.

      Don't know about your jesus , I don't need anyone's help without my motti....

      Motti still i miss you more than love you....