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Top 10 Superpowers

Updated on February 18, 2019

I Wish Superpowers Were Real

I think everyone secretly (sometimes not so secretly) wishes they had a superpower. That is what this lens is about. I wanted to know what kind of superpowers people wanted to have. Make sure you vote in the poll just below this paragraph.

It turns out that most surperpowers fall under ten different abilities. Some of them I wish I had, most of them seem like more trouble than they are worth. If you have an opinion about certain powers, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Flying - With only the Power of You

Flying is one of those powers that is cool but only works if you're really good at flying or indestructible. Imagine if you were to have a crash landing. You would be a red stain on the pavement if you came in at the wrong angle. It works for Superman and Wonder Woman because they are both super strong. They can put up with being thrown through buildings. I would like to fly, but I think there might be a better power.

Invincibility - Nothing Can Hurt You

This would be a fun power. You would not have to be afraid of anything. You would be able to get in front of just about anything and you would not get hurt. Coming with this power would most likely be a power of incredible strength. Can you imagine being able to pick up cars or other heavy items like skyscrapers or tanks. Just a thought.

The Science of Heroes - A Book About Your Favorite Superheroes

I know there are a lot of people who didn't like Heroes after the first season. That is OK. This book is more about their powers than about the show itself. It talks about the possibility of people actually having these kinds of powers in real life. Take a look at the first few pages on the amazon page for free.

Invisibility - So No One Can See You

To make yourself invisible you will either have to wrap light around your body. The only other way I can think is to actually take yourself out of existence or to phase into a parallel universe. There have been many different versions of this power and how the owners of this ability misbehave before they find they can use it for good. It is a defensive power. It is meant to be used to hide yourself. Nothing more.

Telekinesis - Look Mom, No Hands

I think this power could be the most powerful of any of the ones I have though of. First it is only limited by what the mind can think of. What do I mean? You will be able to fly being able to lift things (Including yourself) with a thought. You will appear to be bulletproof because you will be able to stop bullets with a thought. You will appear to be stronger than superman because you can lift continents with your mind. It is an amazing power. I think this is the one I would like to have.

Telepathy - These Are Not The Droids Your Looking For

This one is the scariest one of all of them. You will not only be able to hear what others are thinking, but you will be able to impress your thoughts on others. You will know everyone's secrets, and you will be able to control those in the highest power positions. You would be an extremely lonely person because you will have to close yourself off to everyone so you can't hear their true thoughts. It is scary really.

SuperSpeed - I'll Race You

Super Speed Has serious downs as it does goodness. You may be able to run at superspeeds, but you expel a lot of energy doing so. You will have to spend a lot of your time eating. Some of you like to eat that much, but when you are spending all of your free time and money eating it can get real old fast. The other downside to having super speed, you will either get old faster than everyone else or find yourself growing old slower than everyone else. That would mean you may die before your time, or you may live for generations watching your loved ones die around you.

Control of Natural Forces - Tornadoes or Hurricanes

This one is fun. There are superheros who can control the weather, the ocean, gravity, magnetism, fire, and just about anything else you can think of. Some of these powers are fantastic, but they are limited by the force they control. Think about it. Someone who can control fire will be put out by water or freezing cold. Someone who can control the weather ends up destroying everything instead of just one person.

Shapeshifting - I will Look Like You

Can you imagine being able to change into anything you want? There are a lot of great stories about people who can change their shape in our history. A lot of them are in the form of a werewolf or a vampire, but the superheroes who can change their forms can get into places that no one else can. I always thought Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic 4 was a shapeshifter, but he never turned into anything else. Then there is Odo fro Deep Space 9. Watching him evolve over time is awesome.

Regeneration - You Can't Keep Me Down

If you could grow back a part of you as soon as the damage occurs, would you be as afraid of doing things that you are afraid of right now, like sky diving without a parachute or jumping into a wood chipper. OK, I hope you would not do either of those things. I think you would be able to go into a dangerous situations to save people's lives.

Laser Beam Eyes - Better Not Look into Mine

Superman had them, but I loved the power in which Cyclops from the X-men was able to use the light from his eyes to tear through anything. There are some great things about having lasers coming out of your eyes, but if you don't have control over them, you will have a miserable life. You can't look at anything you don't want destroyed. That is why they make ruby sunglasses.

The Superpower Poll - Tell Me About Your Superpowers

Which Superpower Would You Most Like to Have?

See results

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