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feel if you can

Updated on January 24, 2016

feel if you can

Life is getting heavy, on its own

Getting straight below, six feet down

Still I could see, there is a reason to live

because, love for you, was the thing, I always knew

I can see you with me , hand in hand

Baby , that is what , you need to understand

My heart is in intertia , where have you ran

Baby , see my beat skip, feel it if you can

And when you call me , it takes me a while

That you are that journey that doesn’t ends with mile

And it only makes me know

What it is without can i doubt you.........letting time crouch you

Coz when i sit behind you, my hands start shaking

When they get your touch, my love is about to waking

And i don’t know nothing, but want to be your man

So, why don’t you get in my arms, and feel if you can

And when you teach me ride, the bumps in our lives

Your breath on my skin, is all that i strives

Your head on my shoulders, when u get to lean

My love just amplifies, if you would have seen

Its effect on me is epic , in this small span

My words try to say it , feel if you can



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    • profile image

      vansh 20 months ago

      its great..... :)