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[I Say Uh] 22:22

Updated on November 21, 2015



Is it a sign, or am I just out, loosing my mind,

Numbers guide,

Detail, sea snail, free brail, mind scales, read digital light,

Spectrum's of colors, close my eyes,


Infinite sight,

Imaginary flight,

Been Franklin, flying a kite,

Ben- Hi,

Keys gleam atop the string, unlocking meaning, floating into the night,


Sprites flash by electrified,

Core energy, path, lead, conduct me, set to fry,

Brains goodbye,

What I thought I knew, lets just say... All went dry,

Not a drop of forgotten thought fought watts- This cannot, continue, to bee, my point, of view, blue horizon, dark sky,

Music... Lets drive,

On an imaginary journey that will magically change our lives,

Ignition... Lights,

Speed- 55,

Stay alive-

To where the pavement ends, slowly hitting 4 wheel drive,

No turning back now, begin slipping, climb,

Into the forest boardless, searching double time,

Mad mind vine grows in tight dividing pines,

A lifeline stretching far & wide,

Networks of insects, watchers, hide,


Viewing you too, ... Surprise,

To the left- green, chives,

Onion, layered, ogre, spies,

The word is out brown trout, daggers have knives,

Skin your hide,



Dead, blankets for bed, zoned twilight,

Out on the wing singing, seriously, serving drinks right,

Shaken not stirred- no ice, nah- turn on Miami vice,

The price is right,

WTF... Boredom... Click, wise...

...tick, lost train of thought there for a minute, toc, chimes,


What'll you find???

Write it back in a reply,

Title it 'time',

Alright fright, goodnight, internal fear hears- goodbye,

- I gotta keep reminding myself, this line is live


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