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twisted fate part two character development and plot creation

Updated on January 14, 2010

welcome to twisted fate part two.this one is devoted to plot development and character creation,the way I do it,everyones style is different you have to find your own way of developing your plots and characters,this is the way I do it,so strap in,and enjoy the ride.The name of this particular story was the gangster and the serial killer,but that has changed by the end of this exercise I will have arrived at a name for this story,and have the plot,the foundation,straightened well as the characters and back grounds worked out.Twisted Fate is a overall name sorta like the twilight zone,a title that I can work many different short stories under.The key is in the name Twisted Fate so the majority of the stories I create for this series will be twisted.get it?

ronald dillon character development.

o.k here we go,I borrowed this from marvel universe,so this is how I work out my characters.RONALD DILLON:AGE:35:HEIGHT:6 ft:WEIGHT:185 lbs:Hair color:Black:Legal Status:A citizen of the United States with no criminal record:Occupation:Self Employed.Back ground:Ronald Dillon was raised in a middle class household with a mother and father and two big brothers.Ronald was a very strange child,growing up he use to steal the neighbors,pets and take them off to his secret place in the woods,and torture and dismember them cleaning the skulls of the pets he would place them all around his play area.One day his father saw ronald with a stray dog and decided to follow him to see what he was up to.giveing ronald a fifteen minute headstart,his father was shocked when he discovered ronald beheading the dog,he was even more appalled when he saw all the skulls of the other animals in the area.ronalds father checked ronald into a psyche ward hoping that they would be able to help him.nothing helped,and over the years ronald was in and out of psyche wards.when ronald was ten the body of the towns drunk was found deep in the woods,beheaded.when ronalds father heard of this he knew that ronald had to be the killer unable to prove it,ronalds father had ronald commited to a psyche ward.

the skull man

 released from the psyche ward at the age of twenty one,Ronald Dillon once again returned to his twisted ways.Living in a small town between two large cities,Ronald is upset that after ten years of killing people he has not been recognized,so he decides to get some attention by targeting fathers of young families,after he does the deed he leaves a skull from one of his past victims as a calling card.the skull man is born.becoming a media sensation,holding two big cities in the grip of terror.

the d.a.

 after months of mayhem the f.b.i. and the d.a. of one city figure out who the skull man is and come very close to catching the skull man.when the d.a. announces to the public that the skull man will be caught soon,that amuses ronald,he decides to prove a point to the d.a.,by going after the d.a.'s daughter.tracking the d.a's daughter to college,dillon tries but is unsuccesful,and the daughter goes home .

the gangster

Jake Miller leader of a drug cartel facing life for drug manufacturing.the d.a. approaches Jake with a deal.take out Dillon,in exchange instead of a twenty year sentence,Jake will receive five years,out in four.Jake"well Mr.D.A. you got yourself a deal,draw the paperwork up with my lawyer and its a damn shame what happened to Mr.Dillon."Paperwork signed and sealed,two weeks later Dillons Body is found in a van in a field burnt to a crisp.

O.K. that's how I do I'll go back and feel out the stories write it out in script form.flesh out the rest of the cast,get all the back grounds right.Do a little research on twin cities,and law enforcement,and serial killers,rewrite the script and when I'm finished I'll stick it in the pile with the rest of the things,and continue to practice, practice,until I can pull my skills up to the professional level,and turn this into a graphic novel.Hope you enjoyed the ride.Peace I'm Audi 5000.


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    • Island Tropical profile image

      Island Tropical 8 years ago

      Great Hub, thanks, Bill!