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Goslings, Geese and other goose -ish trivia

Updated on March 19, 2014

Two Clever Geese by Acton Kaye - a story for children and other Goose-ish Trivia

Two Clever Geese has been sitting lazily neglected on my bookshelf for too long - it's time to give the book some fresh air and exercise!

This is a lovely simple little story to read to young children - it's a true story and if you're inspired and have the outside space, you too could adopt a goose or two!

Reading to your children is so important, not only for learning and letting their imaginations soar; but creates a lovely bond between you; memories that you will always share. My son is still nostalgic about books I read to him when he was little (over and over again - you know how children like to hear the same story!).

Browse my Lens page on this book and other goose-ish stuff! Music, movies, books, a laugh from Youtube - all quite surprising from a bird that we normally associate with farm life, food (shhh ...!) or duvets, pillows and comforters!

From the Bookshelves @ Synchronicity House - Exercise your books. In other words - READ!

Acton Kaye - author of Two Clever Geese
Acton Kaye - author of Two Clever Geese
Two Clever Geese - Acton Kaye
Two Clever Geese - Acton Kaye

Two Clever Geese

Wriiten by Acton Kaye

This sweet little story is a true story about Acton adopting two young geese and what happened next ...

He'd always wanted a goose and finally after moving to Clovelly, South Africa just across the road from the beach and close to the village of Fish Hoek right down at the bottom tip of Africa, it happened that a neighbour nearby had some goslings.

Acton took two little goslings home.

From Eggs to Babies

the magic of gosling life!

(Wow! Take a moment and check out the awesome nature photographs taken by this artist! Click on Michael S)

Horatio Lord Nelson Goose and Emma Lady Hamilton Goose

Acton was reading the life of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the time, so he named his goslings Horatio Lord Nelson Goose and Emma Lady Hamilton Goose - Nelson and Emma for short!

When they were old enough, collars and leads were made for the geese and they all went for walks on the beach.

Eventually, the geese became trained enough to not need the leads most of the time, following behind Acton where ever he went.

Acton with Nelson and Emma - Photographs from Two Clever Geese

Two Clever Geese
Two Clever Geese

Geese are wonderful pets!

Acton discovered that geese make wonderful pets.

They are not usually noisy, do not smell or attract flies (he was told by some people that they do), they don't scratch up the lawn and flower beds and they keep the lawn nicely trimmed!

And will join him on walks. And sometimes watch TV with him!

Window shopping! - Page 19 of Two Clever Geese

Geese walking in Fish Hoek High Street
Geese walking in Fish Hoek High Street
Two Clever Geese
Two Clever Geese

Signed by the Author ...

We lived in Fish Hoek, South Africa where the Two Clever Geese book was written and where Acton walking his geese was a common sight.

My son, Harrington was out with his Grandfather when Acton was promoting his new book in Fish Hoek. It's always exciting when someone local becomes a celebrity, don't you think?

So, Harrington's Gumpy bought the book for him - and Acton Kaye signed it.

Walking on the beach with his goose - Acton Kaye
Walking on the beach with his goose - Acton Kaye


Writing about this book has been a trip down memory lane for me.

Seeing Acton with geese walking on the beach at Fish Hoek was a common sight when I lived there.

And occasionally, on a twilight evening, seeing a goose casually walking down Fish Hoek High Street with Acton was such a treat!

So buy the book if you can find a copy - Your children will love the story

And I hope you can find a copy of this lovely little book - it seems there are not too many available!

And while we're on the subject of Geese!

Take a break - make yourself a cup of tea, play some music, and read on

Enjoy a little more on goose-ish trivia.

Childrens books

Fun stories about geese to read to small children.

Raising Lucy - have you read this book yet? - It's on my wish List!

Raising Lucy - The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose
Raising Lucy - The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose

Book Description

Publication Date: September 30, 2009

What would you do if an orphaned day-old Canada goose appeared on your doorstep? That was the dilemma for the Muziks as they set out to find the gosling its real family. In this true story set in Idaho weeks turn into months and they realized the goose they named Lucy had become a part of their family. They even taught her to fly! The Muziks did some things wrong, but they also did some things right. Lucy was a gift and her successful return to the wild has now inspired books, photography, and film. Raising Lucy - The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose is told in 48 pages with beautiful illustrations depicting Lucy's real life with the Muziks and their dogs. Includes questions and discussion ideas for parents, teachers, and students.


The Lay of a Golden Goose

Written more than 100 years ago by the same author who wrote Little Women! A poem by Louisa May Alcott.

The Lay of a Golden Goose

Louisa May Alcott

Long ago in a poultry yard

One dull November morn,

Beneath a motherly soft wing

A little goose was born.

Who straightway peeped out of the shell

To view the world beyond,

Longing at once to sally forth

© Photographer Bruce Macqueen | Agency:

And paddle in the pond.

"Oh! be not rash," her father said,

A mild Socratic bird;

Her mother begged her not to stray

With many a warning word.

But little goosey was perverse,

And eagerly did cry,

"I've got a lovely pair of wings,

Of course I ought to fly."

Fancy a goose pet? - These books may help your decision.

As Acton Kaye wrote in his true story - they make wonderful pets.

With a bit of training they'll even join you on your daily walk!

Domestic Geese
Domestic Geese

Buy the book for lots of useful info. And you can also visit the author's website for more tips on keeping Geese -


Did you know?

Oh, when the Geese go marching! - A Gaggle of Geese

Flock, Gaggle and Skein ...

Any group of birds, goats etc can be called a Flock; but each type is collectively known further. So, a group of geese on the ground are called a Gaggle of Geese. When they are flying through the ai

See results

Must see movie

Fly Away Home - A movie to share with your children

I love love love this movie. It's heartwarming, you will laugh, get angry, cry and be uplifted - all the things that make a great movie!


Have your say here!

What did you think of the movie?

See results

It's Maverick and Goose! - Remember this song?

Anthony Edwards was the character "Goose" who died tragically in the movie.

Who could forget this classic? - Top Gun

Top Gun
Top Gun

I love romance - a man in uniform AND a pilot!!!! Maverick the hero and his sidekick Goose.


A heart warming story about a wild goose - Another book for my Wish List!

Bandy: The True Tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose
Bandy: The True Tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose

Book Description

Publication Date: June 30, 2006

When Marcia married Jesse Martin and moved to a pond front home in a private setting, it was, for the nature lovers, a dream come true. The yard was replete with wildlife. Foxes, deer, coyotes, racoons and waterfowl were frequent visitors, but it was one Canada Goose that Marcia set her affection on, and he likewise seemed to 'adopt' her.

Bandy is the true story of a unique relationship between a woman and a wildling, who, by some unfortunate tragedy, loses his right foot and part of his leg. His lifetime mate, Bindy, decides he's only half a goose and takes up with his best friend, a goose who was banded with him on the same day ten years prior. Bandy, though social by nature, becomes a loner by fate. Then, as if he hasn't suffered enough, he has a run-in with monofilament fishing line that almost costs him his life. After a month in rehab, he is returned to Griffith's Pond, only to disappear with the rest of the geese after eight days. Though it is his normal departure time at the end of the summer molt, Marcia has mixed feelings about his disappearance. She's pleased he feels like a part of his gaggle, but she's climbing the walls worrying about his welfare. After all, she hadn't even seen him fly yet.

There is an element of the supernatural in this true story, from Marcia's premonition about Bandy's brush with death, to the amazing answer to her prayer to find him two months after he's left. It will be difficult to doubt the power of prayer and the reaches of Divine care after reading Bandy. Encountering this little survivor will bring you encouragement in a troubled world, and perhaps you will be able to face your own set of circumstances with renewed hope. It is a must-read for every nature lover and anyone who has problems; I guess that includes us all. For more information about Bandy please visit


Some aah moments and a laugh! - So Cute!

Lao Tzu

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.

Neither need you do anything but be yourself.

Do you have a clever goose story to share? - Thanks for visiting my page ....

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