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How to Overcome Sadness Through Asking Two Critical Questions

Updated on August 7, 2015

I remember my youthful days when I wanted a boyfriend. I would cry endlessly because I was the only one out of my friends who was not dating. Then I met my ex. I loved him because I thought he was who I needed to be happy. Take note, I longed for him thus I loved him. I dated him for six months but my sadness only increased. What I longed for, thus loved, was not available in a man. I longed for depth, inclination towards romance, but a man couldn't do this for me. But who could, I didn't discover the truth yet.
Later down the road, I went to one of the largest universities in the East Coast, obtained my degree and I hoped I would gain a sense of pride. Again, nothing! I sought deep. I sought hard. I prayed; and a revelation came to me. I asked myself two questions. Who or what do you love the most and why? Whatever I love is my passion and the why (reason behind who or what I love) is my motive. I learned from asking myself these critical questions that I loved Jesus. Why? He is pure. Simple, nothing was fulfilling me because I wasn't pure. My soul was longing for Jesus and my heart was longing for purity.
I did something dramatic that day. I deleted my friend's number and texted him that he and I are not meant to be. I changed my wardrobe. I looked for advice. This changed me drastically. I realized. I could become the President or achieve greatly but I will remain unhappy unless I was honest with myself.
The question again is, who or what do I love and why? Once this answer aligns with the truth within you, you are free from sadness forever.


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