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Charge Card Fraud Poem

Updated on December 2, 2016
Midnight Muse profile image

The Midnight Muse enjoys writing about a variety of subjects including satirical comedy, dark fantasy, folklore, history, and religion.

Charge Card Fraud

Take a trip on a midnight cruise,
before the insurance company sues,
You mailed your check across the sea,
and no one knows where it might be.

The IRS has come you know,
to collect all the money that you owe,
Your tax return was sent too late,
it was postmarked for the wrong date.

Now you're in jail for embezzlement,
And so can no longer pay your rent,
Your brand new car was towed away,
For the duration of your prison stay.

All of your belongings have been repossessed,
But that was something that you'd already guessed,
The bills still keep on piling higher,
And circumstances are growing dire.

Just when you think that you're gonna collapse,
In comes a call from your dear 'ol Paps,
The money he saved for a rainy day,
Is used for the bail that you have to pay.

Then a close friend from the mafia,
Threatens the government with the media,
Fearful of an information leak,
Your name was cleared within the week.

Life is getting back to normal,
And government affairs now are cordial,
The contraband that you purchased yesterday,
Decorates the bedroom where it will stay.

© 2016 Midnight Muse


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