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Learn the ABCs with The Unicorn Alphabet by Marianna Mayer

Updated on August 10, 2016
Scan of my copy of the Unicorn Alphabet
Scan of my copy of the Unicorn Alphabet | Source

Unicorns for All Ages

Unicorns hold a special fascination for young and old alike. Their mystique has spanned centuries. Author Marianne Mayer's book, The Unicorn Alphabet, is a unique way to teach the ABCs to children.

But its prose will also appeal to adults and so will the beautiful illustrations by artist Michael Hague. In fact, I was an adult when I first came across this book and it's beauty is still appealing to me many years later. I consider this a book for the collector of children's illustrations.

"There is virtually an alphabet from A to Z of the legend and lore of the unicorn. The Unicorn Alphabet draws on these stories and symbols as a tribute to the one-horned mythic beast and captures a glimpse of the beliefs of an earlier time." ~ Marianna Mayer

Combining Unicorn Symbolism with Herbal Lore

The author and illustrator weave unicorn symbolism with herbal lore into each letter of the alphabet. Each letter represents something about the unicorn, mythology or herbal and flower lore. For instance, P is for pomegranate in The Unicorn Alphabet. Mayer explains that the unicorn was often depicted with a pomegranate which is a symbol for fertility.

The Art

Strong but beautifully delicate

Each page is reminiscent of highly decorated medieval texts. The main picture features the unicorn in richly illustrated medieval-type settings replete with dragons, knights and maidens.

The description of each letter is just below the picture and the entire piece has floral borders related to what each letter represents. It all flows together perfectly to show the unicorn's famed majesty.

5 stars for The Unicorn Alphabet


I give the The Unicorn Alphabet 5 out of 5 stars. Very young children may not understand everything that is written but they will still enjoy the gorgeous illustrations. This book will help instill a child of any age with an appreciation for mythology and symbolism. It would be a good gift for the adult in your life who is crazy about unicorns as well as this type of art.

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About Marianne Mayer

Ms. Mayer is trained in the visual arts. She published her first book at the age of 19. According to her bio at Harper Collins, she brings her love of fairy tales to her own stories. She says,

"... First and foremost I write for the child who still lives within me. Then to the child in others, whether that child resides in a young person or an adult."

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About Michael Hague

Artist Michael Hague is well known for his unicorn art, which is beautiful, but his work in children's fantasy books is far reaching. He's illustrated some classics such as The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz, and The Wind in the Willows. See more of his work and learn more about him at his website.

Unicorn Activities

FTC and Amazon Disclaimer

I purchased this book with my own funds and have not been compensated by the author or publisher for this review. I do, however, earn affiliate income from from purchase made through links from this article.

Are you a unicorn fan? - Comments on this review welcome.

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