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Unrequited Love Poems

Updated on February 14, 2015

Unrequited Love Poem Collection

Here is a collection of poems related to the heartache and heart break of Unrequited Love they come from my book "Emotive." I've put them here for you to read and hopefully enjoy at your leisure there is also a link to buy the book if you would like to enjoy the rest of the poems form Emotive, happy reading.

Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love
A futile perception of past perfection
A rampant resolve for resurrection.
The will of its nature consumed by yearning.
A terrible foe, a raged heart burning.
Apathy adorns the edges of its unsheathed
Mercilessly slashing all screams ignored.
An imagined look the devils hook
impressions never fading.
Her brilliance of mind make my heart
Undiminished and unfinished loves poison
Its presence inspires its friction mind fires.
Flashbacks of binding brilliance.
Remembered laughter and love fortifies
The life yet lived, wasted wanton.
A mind entrapped, the bindings strapped.
Where's the corner for the turning.
To resolve the loss the heart must cross
The river it bleeds from yearning.


She sleeps beside me does not know
my heart bleeds profusely a sickening glow
and while she wakes I do caress
knowing the heart loveless no less
A tortured statue I have become
her lack of love decants the rum
strength I wish, hope to forget
tears fall relentless I can’t beget
She holds me dear alone a friend
rosé amends, her lips she send
such a delicate embrace is this reality
or attempt to please misguided charity.

I think he loves you best
No worldly grace compares
Outshining every jewel in every chest
Coveting all, mankind stills and stares
Your gaze ignites life’s desires
Even great redwoods bow at your prowess
Cascading your beauty infinitely fires
Defeated diamonds concede you are
Every hand you exquisitely caress
In each word you resonate bliss
Mountains form to see more in duress
Flowers weep but grow for you no less
Timelessly my pen will preserve
Though your love I will never deserve.

I Cut To Feel No Pain
I cut to feel no pain
The duller the blade is sweeter
For while this sacrificial flesh is slain
It abates the yearn to meet her.
This vision I paint may sicken
But loves thirst cannot be sated
The reality of a heart stricken
Is impassioned want is bated.
I cut to feel no pain
The blood, its loss, I trade it
Though to the flesh the cost remain
Its price I won’t evade it.
This love I know is true
and I cut to feel, for you.

Unrequited Love Poems

Immolate my love and burn it
sacrifice my fragility its weakness
forget true honesty lets forsake it
Its purity embittered no sweetness
Appreciation human greed does belittle
the value of vanity does degrade
emaciation is I on a spit hell
the open heart desecration is made
Rebuttal encourages the red tempest
yet not for I but the next to be laid
does the hunger rake out the simplest
Will not wait for truth to be made?
And the will and the want to immolation
for the pyre does negate isolation.

Mortal Heart
I know you’re with him now
every thrust a dagger in my heart
every kiss a lash tearing at my flesh
I see legs entwined locking bodies together,
they are my medieval rack
and rips me limb from limb.
I see hot sweaty flesh
pulsating to a chorus of ecstatic moans,
it is my crown of thorns that sends
a thousand splinters into my mind.
This is my reality,
my penance for a crime unknown
for a love not shown.
This is the barb wire tight rope,
I walk every single day.
This is my world of the real
knowing you yearn for another.
This is my acid bath of rejection.
I’ll drink it gladly,
drown in the burn.
What choice do I have
for I am a mortal man
with a mortal heart,
that beats only for you.

No More Sorrow
I bet you thought I'd laid down and died
Drowning in the sea of tears I’ve cried
But there's more passion in each of those
Than you ever showed me throughout the
The feeling in this heart make it as strong as
Did you not see strength in the actions?
In the forgiveness, in the kind words I
Well I don't dwell there any more
That place you left me I'm not there
This warriors back, you? I don't even care.
The winter in my heart has turned to spring
And I look forward to the new love it bring.

Poisoned Chalice
Your hypnotic eyes, cause blackened skies
I’ll be a slave for you to the grave.
This black hole has no escape for my soul
You’re my apocalyptic lust sensation
My breakneck speed heart elation
and when you’re near my heart crescendos.
You're my Grecian goddess incantation
My life’s blood hysterical fixation,
I'm caught up in hurricane twist addiction
You’re the threat to my mortal life affliction.
Is this the final heart execution?
a drowning in an Armageddon of love

Rage Before The Storm
Is she at peace and calm?
Or do the silver surfers still ride her tragic
O how I wish I had the moon at my mercy
To thrash around with all my anger
Such a torrent of abyss I would create
A place worthy of those damned false
Under the immense weight of the deepest
fathoms of my emotion they would despair.
One day! Sleep well my foes, sleep well.

The Lonely Twit
Night after night I lye alone
your love your loss I do bemoan
shallow I thought your wants your needs
recant I do I’ll sow their seeds
Too late it is for you have gone
my numbers up I’ve lost the one
it’s cold to feel the empty space
where time is heavy, lost all pace
When lights go off I walk with dread
to a coffin of angst a lonely bed
your dreams your hopes they did despair
I sprung a trap to exhaust your care
and now I sit in quiet melancholy
head and actions supreme melon folly

The Prostitutes Lover
She came to me in the spring of my heart
Tempestuously gazing a smelting allure
Stoking such passion a cataclysmic start
Mine innocent heart infected for sure
Eyes unable to avert her beauteous presence
Though timidly wayward when wantonly
Intoxicated completely by her mystical
Like the male preying mantis my destiny set
All conscious reasoning negated by love
Though reviling her mantle, an outwardly
I remain inescapably whirl pooled no sight
of above
Descending with haste to my misery plinth
I vowed to be with thee that was my decree
My solitary witness the madness of my mind
Though you are blackened by vanity unable
to see
A prostitute’s penance, thirty silver must
How to convince, your worth beyond
I see your self purgatory and weep for your
And pray for it intensely like a feverish
Every waking moment your saviour my goal
Years of futility your absence immerses me
with regret
My mind rides waves of misery as Poseidon
splits oars
He eviscerates all olive trees, your name
inexorably set.
Aphrodite sends pestilence, turning all
women to sores.
I gave up on my Helen, Hades welcomes
with applause
Disgusted heaven turns its back as they bolt
fast the doors.

Buy Emotive Here To Read The Full Poem Collection


List Price: $6.60

Price: $4.95 You Save: $1.65 ( 25% )

Ships in 3-5 business days
A collection of romantic and heartfelt poetry. A range of poems by the Author Wade Harlaine that deal with matters of the heart from rapture to tragedy some even political such as the poems "Thinking of Gaza," "Spare a Thought" and "Escaping the Matrix." Then there are the truly romantic, like "The Colour she Brings" and Beautiful." A thought provoking collection unlike any other, poetry of our time with a classical touch.


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    • wadestar profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from uk-lincolnshire

      Thank you much appreciated,

    • Hannah David Cini profile image

      Hannah David Cini 

      3 years ago from Nottingham

      There are some beautiful poems here, I especially like 'I cut to feel no pain', that has some lovely lines.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      just like the dawn with clouds,rain and sparkle of a new dew drop,nice poetry......

    • profile image

      Paula Puddephatt 

      6 years ago

      Love your poetry!


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