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untitled ii

Updated on February 28, 2012



please somebody

please take this pain

take the hurt

take everything

..from my mind & heart

it is driving me

clinically insane

this weakness

that i feel

i'm not being me

how do i cope, how do i deal

deal with life

deal with anything

it is making me ill


take me away

far from here

make me forget

the past month plus one year

lead me to a dark, cold, desolate place

erase this memory

it is holding me captive

a strong, unrelenting embrace

make it null

and void

nothing is easy

you were nothing more

than an emotionless toy

a piece of the puzzle

you raped my heart

you captured my soul

now you seem puzzled

but all i want from you

is to be

forever apart


be strong

do not cry

i will see you again someday

i will sing to you

a sweet lullaby

artificial love

imitating trust

a complicated triangle

bordering on hate

assures me

it's nothing more

than infatuation and lust

sing me to sleep

put me away

a novelty

that somehow seems

far-fetched today

i pray for strength

i know He will keep me strong

with patience, persistence

i will wait

for the one for me

to come along

i will try to forgive

and wash away each tear

i will not regress

though it may take a year

i loathe you, my dear sleep

close your eyes, pretty girl

do not let him rob you

of your sacred emotions

put them under lock and keep


it is not sleep

but him

that i truly despise


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