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Silent Addiction Poem

Updated on December 2, 2016
Midnight Muse profile image

The Midnight Muse enjoys writing about a variety of subjects including satirical comedy, dark fantasy, folklore, history, and religion.

Silent Addiction

Sleep beneath the moonlit stars,
A pine box for your bed,
Sit and talk with demons,
Your life is their's they said.

The midnight streaks of madness,
Painting colors in my mind,
A silent liaison,
With fools and demon kind.

The kaleidoscope of dreams,
Is spinning in my head,
My brain doesn't function,
For all I know I'm dead.

I sit alone in a room,
The walls they are all bare,
To them I scream aloud,
But no one seems to care.

Then a vision came to me,
A serpent in the dark,
She hissed and bared her fangs,
Then branded me with her mark.

Every night I pray to her,
The mistress of delight,
To take my hand and walk,
Among the shadows of the night.

Darkened with the stain of blood,
The black moon has risen,
In the distance I can hear,
The demons as they listen.

The whore of death came that night,
To make sweet love to me,
Impaled within her arms,
She then collected her fee.

© 2016 Midnight Muse


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