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Watermelons: 13 Things You Probably Don't Want to do with a Watermelon

Updated on December 4, 2014

Watermelon Humor and Inspiration

The texture, color, and overall uniqueness of the watermelon makes it a candidate for some creative endeavors, which will be shown to you below in some quite disparate ways.

Fascinatingly, watermelons are, for some people, an inspiration for a variety of practices and products, which is in some cases gross, and depending on your thoughts about the watermelon - borderline cool.

Some of the watermelon or watermelon-inspired photos below are quirky, dangerous, strange, interesting, and of course, humorous.

One thing for sure, they should bring a smile to your face, or maybe a look of consternation as you see the various and hilarious creations, interactions and inspirations people get from this tasty fruit (Or is it vegetable?).

Hold on as you get a taste of a different slice of watermelon!

Watermelon and Viagra Riots

Here we have the aftermath of the watermelon riots, as once the EPA announced it was nature's Viagra, men everywhere started to hoard it, resulting in the riots because of watermelon shortages.

In the aftermath of the riots, no one got much benefit from it, as you can see the destroyed watermelon below splattered around the body of the man.

Watermelon lesson #1: Don't keep your watermelon Viagra to yourself!


Lemur Eating Watermelon

Next we have a lemur eating the family watermelon before they got a chance to take a bite out of it. The lemur was reportedly on a sugar high for three days afterwards. He also was said to have known of the new reports on it being nature's Viagra. I guess even lemurs ... never mind.

Watermelon lesson #2: Don't take your pet lemur a family picnic which includes watermelon. They are even harder to catch than normal, and you may end up with a bunch of baby lemurs after he feasts on the watermelon.

Watermelon Tattoos

A sure hint that you've been meloned up is when you appear with a watermelon tattoo to celebrate the moment. Maybe someone even put a little extra kick in it to get you moving.

Either way, here are a couple of watermelon tattoos which show a little to much respect and appreciation for the food that doesn't know if it's a fruit or vegetable.

The two tattoos are actually pretty cool, but really, a unicorn watermelon whale? There must have been some spiked watermelon consumed just to come up with the idea.

Watermelon lesson #3: Check watermelon for signs of spiking, or you may end up with one on your skin.


Watermelon Dinosaur Egg

Below is a result of many years of cross-pollination by the Japanese, where the result is this unique watermelon dinosaur egg which can be shipped to your door. Yet ever after years of tests to create this hybrid, you won't be quite sure what will come out of this giant watermelon egg. It could be an herbivore or a carnivore.

These leads to watermelon lesson #4: Don't pollinate between dinosaurs and watermelons. You just don't know if you're getting a meal or are going to be a meal. That's important you know.


Baby Eating Way Out of Watermelon Egg

See what I mean. Look in the video below of a watermelon egg delivered to a home. Here's a poor little kid eating his way out of the egg. Not only did the family miss their expected meal, but now they have to raise a watermelon baby until he's 18.

Baby Hatched in Watermelon

Applying for Watermelon Job?

I know the job market is tough, but below is a good example of why we must be careful about accepting just any job. So when the opportunity for those summer field jobs come up, do a little research or you'll be pushing around giant watermelon seeds too.

Watermelon lesson #5: Perform some due diligence before accepting a job at a watermelon patch.


Watermelon Purse

Over the next several photos we'll be looking at some watermelon fashion, starting off with this interesting watermelon purse. Did I say interesting? What am I thinking? This is strange. Who goes out and buys a watermelon purse? Well, at least one person does. I don't think they live in New York City or Los Angeles though.

Watermelon lesson #6: What will you wear with your watermelon accessory?


Watermelon Shoes

Do you know what's scary, someone apparently does think through what they would wear when accessorizing with a watermelon purse, as evidenced by the watermelon shoes shown below. I have to admit it would be a hoot to show up somewhere wearing these kicks. So in that sense they would be good for some good-natured fun.

Watermelon lesson #7: Sometimes watermelon fashion may work; just not how you may have expected.

Watermelon Nails

I guess some are truly getting some inspiration from the watermelon theme, as we have here some uptown watermelon nails. Well, maybe they're more down home watermelon nails. We're now getting close to having an entire watermelon ensemble.

Watermelon lesson #8: Painted watermelon nails not make you a city slicker.


Watermelon Face

We all know what it means for a lady to put her face on, but most of us never considered it to be a watermelon face, as we see below. And how about that watermelon shirt to finish off the look?

If we were to add the watermelon purse, shoes and nails to the outfit, it would be just about complete.

Watermelon lesson #9: Be careful when putting on a watermelon face, or someone may just come and take a bite out of it.

Watermelon Tent

Sometimes you can come across stuff that is so uncool that it moves it into the cool category, and I think that's true with this watermelon tent. You could always place it next to the watermelon patch to give it some additional character.

The problem I see is it would undoubtedly be a target of every prankster around that happened to see it. It would also be a great way to generate conversation, as it would definitely draw a crowd.

Watermelon lesson #10: Watermelon inspiration can sometimes be cool.


Watermelon Chainsaw Instructor

Talk about radical watermelon carving! This is it. The fingers of the guy holding the watermelon may look safe, but I've cut a lot of wood using a chainsaw in my life, and a couple of inches isn't what I would consider safe when holding something while another person cuts it.

Watermelon lesson #11: Use a knife when cutting watermelon.


Watermelon Helmets

I'm not sure if it does anything good for the brain, and I know it will do a number on your hair, but it's pretty cool seeing a viking wearing a watermelon helmet, as well as the bottom picture which resembles an old-time football helmet.

Unsurprisingly the guy on the bottom seems to be struggling with the feel of the watermelon massaging his scalp, while the viking-looking guy doesn't seem to be bothered one bit by it.

Watermelon lesson #12: In a battle of watermelon skin versus your skin, watermelon wins.


Watermelon Car

If you thought you've seen just about every odd type of fixation, inspiration or use of a watermelon, you haven't seen nothing yet, as far as commitment, when you take a gander at this watermelon car.

What makes it even more impressive isn't just the outside of the car, which has the obvious look, but it's the interior that floored me, as it retained the red color of the flesh of the watermelon. Now that's pretty cool if you ask me. Only a watermelon jet or a yacht would be more impressive.

Watermelon Lesson #13: If you think watermelons are cool go for it.

Watermelon Humor

I hope you got as much of a chuckle out of this group of watermelon-inspired themes as I did. It was surprising to see so many people being inspired by the watermelon, and was enjoyable taking a look at the humorous side of all of that,

You'll have to excuse me though, I've just got to go get myself a pair of those watermelon shoes.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Loved this, it provided a good laugh. Thanks for sharing .

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Some hilarious things there. Glad I found this on the HubHopper! Voted up, Funny, Awesome and Interesting ^^

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Enjoyed looking at the photos! ^-^' That baby is cute!