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"We're Working Out! A Zen Approach To Everyday Fitness" Book Review

Updated on August 31, 2017

My Review

Unlike a lot of other health and fitness books, "We're Working Out! A Zen Approach To Everyday Fitness" doesn't baffle readers with a myriad of different things that they should be doing. Rather it encourages readers to formulate sensible and effective approaches to health and fitness - it is actually more of a fitness philosophy book than a step-by-step guide. And it is this attention to creating a positive "why" that makes if such an important book.

Here's what people are saying about the book:

"Al Kavadlo's We're Working Out! A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness is a phenomenal catalog of techniques, ideas and tactics for achieving peak physical ability. Possibly the best book on fitness ever - if you enjoyed my book, go buy his. You won't regret it." Paul Wade, Author of Convict Conditioning

"The first time I met Al he challenged me to a one-arm chin-up! His enthusiasm for fitness is infectious no matter if you are just dabbling in exercise for the first time or are an Ironman World Champion." Karen Smyers, USA Triathlon Hall of Famer and Ironman World Champion

"Al's approach combines effective exercises with a motivating philosophy that

helped me to pursue my fitness goals. Training with him reminded me how

rewarding working out can be." Emma Robinson, Two-time Olympic medalist in rowing

"Al's approach to fitness is a breath of fresh air and a voice of reason.

This book is a necessary step in the documentation of physical culture." Randy Humola, Personal training legend

Possibly the best book on fitness ever... You won’t regret it. Paul Wade, Convict Conditioning

The best line ever:

Iâm not going to bullshit you: getting fit isnât easy.

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