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What Are You Afraid Of? Book Review

Updated on September 11, 2021

What Are You Afraid Of?

Has fear overtaken your thought life? Are you afraid of?

Some pandemic or disaster will happen.

Major illness and beyond this life.

Financial failure.

Danger and sudden trouble.

Facing Down Your Fears with Faith

Fear. There isn't anyone on earth that hasn't experienced some type of fear in their life. In Dr. David Jeremiah's new book "What Are You Afraid Of" he takes on ten different fears that people face.

One of the emotions that I counsel people on is overcoming fear. Studies show that 90% of the things we battle with in our minds never happen, but they are real and manifest themselves in our thinking. How do we combat things that probably will not take place? How do we get beyond fear and press on in faith? These are the types of situations discussed in Pastor Jeremiah's new book.

It has been many years now since I first heard Dr. Jeremiah speak, and ever since then his teachings are a part of my daily devotions every morning at 6:00.

God has given us all we need to face down our fears with faith.

Dr. Jeremiah's Teachings

If you are familiar with his teachings, you are aware that he publishes a new book every fall. This is his newest book released on October 1st, 2013. For ten weeks his radio and television programs focused on each of the aspects that are presented in the book. When the book was first released you could follow along as Pastor David addressed each title unfolding the details of this work.

I encourage you to visit his website that shares all the details of this book along with the daily teachings, study materials and videos. On the interactive website you will be introduced to a short clip that deals with each of the topics from the book.

If it is still available, look for the title: Final Notice and view each of these presentations that are made public every Monday for ten weeks. Then follow along with the teachings that coincide with the book. Each episode is approximately one hour long and includes teachings by the Pastor concerning that week's "fear" category.

The book is available in hardback (320 pages), kindle edition and audio Cd versions.

The book addresses the top ten fears people face in life.

The book that will help you face your fears!

What Are You Afraid Of?: Facing Down Your Fears with Faith
What Are You Afraid Of?: Facing Down Your Fears with Faith
Kindle Edition. Available in hardback (320 pages) or audio book also.

The Ten "D's"

Did you know that the Bible instructs us to "fear not" almost 400 times? To me that means, if God had to repeat it so often, fear must be a pretty big thing people deal with all through their lives.

Overcoming fear can be a battle, especially if you are not aware there is a conflict. Most of us can recognize anger, anxiety or even worry, but did you know that there are underlying fears that we face but are not aware of them?

"What Are You Afraid Of" pinpoints ten aspects of fear that people face and gives suggestions based on the Word of God in combating that particular fear.

Chapter titles in the book deal with:

1. Disasters and how to deal with natural calamity.

2. The fear of contracting a serious disease, such as cancer. Dr. Jeremiah has discussed first hand how he dealt with the fear when he fought two bouts of cancer and had victory through Christ.

3. The fear of financial chaos and debt for the individual and nation.

4. Having the fear of failing or being defeated, which can paralyze a person from stepping out in faith.

5. Living alone and becoming disconnected from society due to circumstances. This often happens with widows or those who have experienced divorce.

6. Being rejected and disapproved of by others. When a child does not feel validated by a parent they often carry this fear into adulthood.

7. Having a fear of sudden danger or the "what if" syndrome. Those that are afraid to try new things because something "might" happen.

8. As people get older one fear they have is not having the ability to think or act on their own, causing them to go into a deep depression.

9. Every one will have to experience death, but believers don't have to fear dying. I like how Dr. Jeremiah puts it in a passage from chapter nine:

"If you know God through Jesus Christ, then you are experiencing eternal life right now,

even though you have not physically died."

10. For those who do not understand that God is love, they have a fear of Him. In this chapter you will read how we do not have to fear God, but be in reverence to Him. The only ones who need fear the Divine God are those who do not believe in His Son Jesus Christ.

An Interview with Dr. Jeremiah

Author of the book, and why he felt the

need to write such a work.

You can listen to the interview by

clicking on the link below.

Dr. Jeremiah Interview about the Book

A Book Worth Buying & Sharing

If you or someone you know is facing any of these fears, I encourage you to get the book and follow the prescription given by Dr. Jeremiah found in the Word of God. Isn't it time that you are free from fear? When someone asks, "What are you afraid of?", learn how to respond ... "nothing!"

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