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As a freelance writer, what kind of readers you really don’t want?

Updated on April 13, 2013

I have a blog. I was very excited when I started it, but in time it was harder and harder to keep up. During this process, I asked myself many times who the readers of all these blogs are. Who are the readers of my own blog for instance? Do I really care what are they thinking about my writings? Having different backgrounds, is it possible for me to find common points of view with my readers?

Yes, it is very nice to know that what you write can be read at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world, but sometimes this is not enough, because it means that you talk to everyone, and when this happens it is quite complicated to present a consistent message. You are tempted to divert your ideas, to get lost in details, to forget what your central theme is.

The more the group of your readers is homogenous, the more you will be better able to anticipate their needs and to contribute to the quality of their lives. Because, after all this is the goal of this activity. You don’t write about anything, you write because you have something to say. It’s about your experience, your philosophy, your emotions and your life.

No kidding, you cannot consider yourself a good freelance writer if you can’t contribute to the quality of life of your readers. That’s why those who read you are at least as important as you.

It’s about the people that get your message, not about the people that don’t

Generally speaking, and only from my point of view, I don’t like the readers who read a text only to be able to criticize it. This kind of reader usually has never written a text for himself/herself. And he/she would be an unprofessional critic either, because he/she is not able to read first and think after, before say something negative.

So, don’t be too upset if you lose some readers. Most of you are probably like me, you don’t like people who talk before thinking, people who judge before being able to understand and stubborn people who are ready to support their views even if these are completely wrong.

There's no crime to lose a reader (or more), but it could be a problem if you lose them because your writings are becoming poorer and poorer. You must not, in any circumstances, sacrifice the quality of your writings. More than that, don’t be afraid to support your opinions during a civilized debate. Your opponents will continue to read you if they think you are smart, fair and your writings are good. So keep an eye on your readers. Know them. Find who they are, make them your friends and keep them. The relationship should be mutual. They must consider you their friends too.

But if your reader wants to stop reading you simply because he disagrees, or because you said something that bothers him, he/she should stop reading you. He/she does not fit your personality. It is difficult to think this way, I know, but it’s important. It’s frustrating to be read by everybody. It’s like in love. You cannot be loved or approved by everybody. It’s important to be realistic and admit the fact that you don’t want this.

As more as you write, you understand better what kind of readers fits you, what kind of readers you need in order to become a better writer. Put in other words: "if you have 100 readers who love to read you and 100 readers who hate you, whom you choose to focus?"

How to make a blog - step by step for beginners


5 tips for removing the readers of your blog

On the other hand, there are some available tips if you really want so see your readers vanishing away. Probably the most important are the following:

1. Don't ever keep your promise! This is a must. If you promise you will write an article on a certain topic Sunday at midnight, be sure you will forget about it. Or, it is better to write articles as seldom as possible, on unimportant topics (or less relevant for your readers, if your blog is on a certain domain.

2. Don't waste your time answering the comments! You can ignore them, insult their ignorance, be superior with them. After all...who are they to question your knowledge? could tell them how angry you are because their comments.

There is although an exception: If you live in Romania and have your own blog, try to keep in mind that you have the right not to answer to the insulting comments. It is not impossible for your commentators to enter the blog, not read it, but write some very ugly comments just because you seem to be smarter than them. Or because you are a woman, not a man.

3. Make your blog unreadable choosing a darker font on a black background for instance, or adding all kind of stuff (like ads, plug-ins).

4. Don't send all feed via email. It is true the reader has subscribed to your blog via email, spend some time writing a code and some other confirmations in order to read your article, but these are not important reasons to send him/her my article on email!I can have some fun on the expense of his desire to read me.

5. Remind your readers that there is an Unsubscribe button. No more comments.

Keep this in mind next time you decide write on your blog.

How to blog so readers will comments


If you want a successful blog

Mainly, a blog is a way to publish your thoughts. But you really don't want to be the only reader of your pages, and this is why your blog must be a successful one. In order to have a successful blog, you must keep in mind some simple rules:

1. Write about what you like. Identify your passions, the topics you consider the most interesting. Don't write only because you have to, or because you want to get some money. Be inspired and happy just because you know more about something and you want to share your knowledge with your readers.

2. Very important: the readers of your blog are your friends. They read you, follow your blog, spend some time writing comments. Respect them! Consider them part of your team.

3. Try to be indexed on Google. This is not very difficult. Keep in mind that all you need are some keywords that you use in the title of your article and inside the text.

4. Be as original as possible. It is not a bad thing to read about a certain topic and then use your knowledge creating another article, with your own words, expressing your personal points of view, with more information images and so on. It is a bad thing to copy-paste somebody else' s work. And I'm not talking here about the style of certain bloggers/journalists/writers that could inspire you. In the same time, it is important to remember that you must not be afraid of expressing your opinions, as long as they do not violate the rights of other people, are indecent, are racist or discriminatory.

5. Insert one or more links of your articles. It helps when one reader comes for the first time on your blog. Maybe he wants to read more articles. Sometimes it's boring browsing your entire blog. Help him/her inserting links to some other articles. More than that, doing this contributes to a better indexing on Google.

6. Add images and videos. You must admit this: a blog without images or videos are much less attractive than one with images and videos. But be careful to chose pictures and videos related to the topic of your article. And more than this, if they are not from your personal archive, be sure you are allowed to use them and you mention the source of them.

7. Avoid very long posts. It is better to remember that people use to read less on a screen than on a printed format. So don't write too much if you can say exactly the same thing in fewer words. Besides, remember to divide your text into paragraphs and include subtitles and photos whenever it's necessary. You are the first reader of your article, so you will figure it out.


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    • Mihaela-2012 profile image

      Mihaela Raileanu 5 years ago from Bucharest, Romania

      Good luck then! Sometimes, when I write, I have in mind that I am one of my readers. If I like what I write... it's perfect for me. I am sure there will be others who enjoy my pages or find them interesting too. So there's no need to worry about the rest of the world :))

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      You write some good and thought provoking points. I am wondering where my current blog is going and I think that the community I had hoped to build around it is part of the problem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.