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Updated on June 3, 2014

The awakening of a new youth for the future seemed hazy,

The light narrowed at a constant of fear, and life began its end,

The future is at a low of expectancy, even the breeze of the wind is lazy,

Mornings are left with thick fog, and the nights darker than before life began,

The thought of life subsiding twice, before the end of life, how do we live this way,

We are left with a wonder, well at least some,

The longing to be one is in the rear view and not so clear,

The north and south has disappeared, and we are now guided by nothing, because we choose nothing,

No direction or area can be configured,

No moral compass can steer us , because we are confused and our thoughts disfigured,

Shadowed by the essence of doom,

Life has been aborted in its early years it seems, go figure.


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