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What You Can Write Product Reviews About If You Are Not Much Of A Consumer

Updated on March 3, 2016
Hazy question marks of confusion
Hazy question marks of confusion | Source

What type of products can people who aren't all that materialistic review online?

Short reviews seem to be quite popular with the large and growing demographics of people who shop for entertainment and people who collect things. Some publishing platforms are now encouraging user-generated advertisements in the form of personal reviews rather than adhering to a more traditional model of selling advertisement space on user-generated content intended to inform or entertain. Of course, I'm thankful HubPages isn't one of them, but I've had to write reviews to keep privileges earned on other writing sites when this trend hit.

This popular consumer-driven product review model probably works out well for writers who buy a lot of things and for writers who like to shop. It gives them an instant, practical expertise in being the owner of a particular product which people intending to purchase that product may find useful. Choosing products to review may be a bit more challenging for folks who aren't all that into buying things or who don't have the funds to buy things they don't need.

You can still write product reviews if you aren't very materialistic and don't own a lot of stuff. Read on to get some ideas of what sorts of products you can review without having to buy stuff you don't need.

image by Dorota Kasia,
image by Dorota Kasia,

Food And Drink

Yep, food. Everybody eats, even minimalists. While you may not eat much pre-packaged food, some of the things you eat may be available in a pre-packaged form available for sale online at shops like Amazon. If you eat out, you can review a restaurant and pair the review with a link to buy a gift certificate to that restaurant.

The same applies to beverages. If you love your morning cup of coffee or a nice Earl Grey tea they can be reviewed, too.

photo by Sigurd Decroos,
photo by Sigurd Decroos,

Types Of Cookware And Kitchen Tools Or Gadgets

Even if you only have a few pots and pans and your silverware came from a thrift store you can review types of kitchen products such as cast iron skillets, Teflon coated frying pans, potato slicers, or other kitchen gadgets. You don't need to own the exact brand of cookware or the exact brand and type of kitchen tool to give your opinion.

If you have a marble rolling pin you absolutely love, you can review marble rolling pins and tie your review in with a similar marble rolling pin that's offered for sale at the store you have to write a review to promote. If you love your metal box-style cheese grater you can do the same even if it came from Goodwill ten years ago rather than from Amazon last week.

Some kitchen products are ideal for review purposes because some popular brands of them haven't changed substantially in decades. Corning Ware and Pyrex are two brands that come to mind immediately.

photo by Ramasamy Chidambaram,
photo by Ramasamy Chidambaram,

Types And Styles Of Clothing

I'm assuming you don't live in a nudist colony in a tropical zone here, but I think it's a fair assumption to make that you own or at least wear some clothes. If you love your fingerless gloves, your v-neck t-shirts, your all-cotton pajamas, or some other items of clothing by all means talk about them and tie in a similar product.

Most people own quite a few things even if they don’t shop for entertainment. Go ahead and review things you own or use including practical items you use at work or in your home.

Medical Supplies, Devices, Or Appliances

Do you have diabetes, an ostomy, a bum knee, or other medical condition which requires you to use some kind of medical device, appliance, or medical supplies regularly? Review those suckers! If you have some medical product you regularly use you likely have a brand you prefer for whatever reason.

Movies Or Television Shows

Many libraries also check out movies. Friends may let you borrow DVDs. You can also review shows or movies you watch on television. I’ve reviewed movies and TV shows my roommates watch on NetFlix and Hulu.

You can review an entire television series or just a single season of it and offer that series or season of that show for sale.

Types Of Bedding

If you are fortunate enough to sleep on a bed, sofa or cot you could review types of sheets (flannel, cotton, satin, etc.), kinds of pillows, or any other kind of bedding you may have and enjoy.


Library Books

You don't have to buy a novel to read it so why not write a review of the next book you check out of the library or borrow from a friend?


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