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When the Sun Never Wants to Set

Updated on June 13, 2019

A man in love

when the sun rises

When the sun rises and never wants to set

I have seen days come and go. That’s what they do best. Part of the universe I come from, I am woken up by rays of the sun shining brightly through my window as the day begins in the east.

Bright it starts, turns scorching when hands of time have traveled half the globe on the clock. Before your skin starts to melt off your flesh, clouds gang up, and there you have it! Raining like it’s not going to stop, the wind blowing like it’s going to be a storm and cold like it’s going to freeze. Should I come? Should I go? Should I walk in, should I run away, I wonder again, again and again.

First, it’s scary; as you might not be sure of what lays underneath that beautiful smile that life shines in your face that fateful morning. It could be a hitch, you could never know what you cross paths with on your way trying to find that small path to the Promised Land, every man’s dream in life. If you find it, then you are not sure if it is the right one, as they are in every direction you turn. Paths to Jerusalem are like candy shops or grocery stores; you have quite some options depending on what catches your eye and picks your attention. By God’s grace, you find the right one, you live and die a happy man or you end up a philosopher, wondering at everything that crosses your sight, whining in agony till you take your last breath; if you can’t find your way out of the woods.

Crossing the street from the same angle leads to the same destination, it can be tiring sometimes. I decided to break the routine, it's healthy for the mind. The night closed and at the dawn of day my eyes opened, laying on my back, staring at the squares and diagonals on my ceiling, I had to thank the lord for I had seen another day, yet another day, cold as it seemed, I felt so warm, full of energy, my heart was light as well as my shoulders. My mind was so clear, I felt like a newborn baby, I hadn’t won a lottery but I would not stop myself from thinking I had if it was.

Then there came that moment, at a bus stop, not waiting for transition but I was there. In a mass on the street, a ray spot of the sun struck, the day was bright as the spot was beautifully lit, warm like a cup of tea you would take on a cold evening, all glowing like an angel “coming down to earth”. It was captivating; indeed life had smiled at me like it was bragging about the finest piece of art the universe ever had to present. Then I was not a Wiseman, I come from the west, smart would fill the blanks best, I had to discover the source of the blessing.

No way on earth I would give up on such a pure mission or the gods would not be happy with me, they had offered, I just had to find and take… and I did find but yet to wake up to a glance of you vanish like mist under the door.

I have traveled so far, I can’t stop now, and I don’t want to stop. I would if I could but the sun that morning never has and doesn’t want to set, believe me, I tried, but I keep starting the journey all over again, at least I would say that I tried.

Sorry I didn’t mention, I met Jack, she led me to Eden, I could hide there but I don’t run to a bed of roses when heavens smiled at me once. It’s about to laugh with me or I would miss the beauty of the blessing in front of me. Proclaim where your heart rests, a sign…. a whisper into my ears then I will be glad to have you in my kingdom, at least we could say the sun went deem or I would put it out with my foot…yes, I can be that mighty sometimes.

© 2019 lolmagnificent


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