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When You Ask Me

Updated on November 28, 2009



You ask me over~

And over again~

As the sunbeams~

Hit my face~

I turn naked red.


I answer “no”~

“No” “I do not~

Have somebody~

To love.”


Like the grey ominous clouds~

Rushing in the sky~

I feel panic~

For God has not shone me~

Nor dropped him from above.


 He has given me~

A sparse mountain top~

You, you, ~

And you~

“What else should ~

A woman do?”


Like the rock sits~

Alone with no movement~

There is no significant other~

No sound granite.


I look as the grass~

Is plentiful~

I wait for a single soul~

I yearn for that lover~

I seek those arms~

To hold me just so.


I dream of those lips~

With sweet soft fluidity~

Yet alas~

There is no one to fit~

No one in unity.


I alone am depressed~

For I alone am~

Except for God’s best~

Yet still ultimate spiritual love~

Is lonely without~

Someone to share~

The fun.


Aa-top I seek the one~

To match my heart~

To search the stars~

As the lone moon~

I am kept apart.


You say you’re the one~

And you’re the one~

And how I am~



And full of pure love~

Yet you still~

Do not connect correctly~

As the wind gust so.

And on~

And on~

My loneliness flows. ~

I am alone~

The one to love~

Is not there~

Keeping me~

Held in great despair.


As the leaves~

Aimlessly go~

While blown~

There I ramble~

Nothing to look forward to~

Never to blossom.


So when you ask me~

I must be that stone~

Accumulated of all the sand~

And still say~



“No I have no one~

To love”~

As I turn red~

I am naked~

And still~

Ultimately alone.



“Lisa J. Warner”


“Lisa Luv”


Dedicated to “NICK”





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    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Thank You both very much...

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

      Simply wonderful...thank you. :)

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      A fine piece of work, Lisa. The photos are stunning. Thanks for the pleasure I derived from your work here.

    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Thank You James~Tuff one to write

    • JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image

      JamesBenjaminJrMD 8 years ago from USA

      Wow! This is a great poem! This is beautiful! The pictures are amazing! Thank you for showing your beauty! Thank you Lisa Luv.