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Who's Stephanie Plum

Updated on May 21, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Plum Lovin!

My mother was reading the books as she found them, then told me during one (I forget if it was To the Nines or High Five) that the character Stephanie Plum was listening to my favorite band. There was also a street with the same name as my cat (& spelled the same, which I named after said fave band's lead singer). So my interest piquied I told her I'd read the book. (Which then I thought, just what I need yet another series to follow! Well for once I actually like the samae series as mom does!

There's some lines & quotes in the books that are just too funny. I think one of the books was made into a movie but didn't do well. Forget a movie as one of the characters in the book say to Stephanie: "Your life should be a sitcom"

and I fully agree! The situations she gets into and I can't really pick a favorite character, though her Grandma Mazur & Joe Morelli's (one of the love interests) grandmother Bella (I think) are a trip! There's also Lula her friend that used to be a prostitute and is such a drama queen but in a funny way. There are also parts in this I read that I have a little part of Stephanie in me like her love of Peanut Butter (though I love it in many ways but what she eats with it... sounds something like a pregnant lady would crave.. weird!)

I must warn you ahead of time, the books are not listed (reviewed) in numrical order on here; I read To the Nine's first then the 5th, 8th & 15th book. my Nana came across some of the books I didn't read yet so those will follow.

I've also come to notice that these aren't the only Stephanie Plum novels, there's a 'between the numbers' series as well. So should I find one of the 'between the numbers' books I will likely add it here as well.

Stephanie Plum

lives in Blue collar 'burbs of Trenton, NJ works at her cousin's Bail Bonds company

yep.. she's a bounty hunter, she gets in all sorts of trouble that to me is like a modern day Lucille Ball.

Cast of Characters

when I get to another book I'll include the other names I cannot seem to think of

  1. Stephanie Plum - the 5'7 wavy shoulder length brunette & former discount lingerie buyer lives in the Blue collar 'burbs of Trenton, NJ works at her cousin's Bail Bonds company yep.. she's a bounty hunter, who's in an off & on relationship with Detective Joe Morelli, who she grew up with Stephanie sometimes partners up with Ranger who owns a security company, she gets in all sorts of trouble that to me is like a modern day Lucille Ball.

    She's Hungarian & italian

    I'd also say she's an unofficial detective from what I've read

  2. Lula - loud 180 pound black woman crammed into 5'5" body ebonics spewing former prostitute with bold, loud, 'flair' style.
  3. Joseph Morelli

    grew up with Stephanie living 2 blocks over grew up 'big & bad with eyes like black fire one minute and melt in your mouth chocolate the next' Eagle tattoo on chest has the reputation for fast hands & clever fingers and a tongue like a lizard. hard Angular features & Italian Temperament

    Currently a cop (but was on the lam in book one as he was accused of kiling someone)

  4. Ranger - possible special ops has a Security company. Helps Stephanie with her cases on occasion. (& makes her pretty nervous as well) Cuban American w/ Dark Skin & Eyes Kickboxer body & Spec. Ops skills
  5. Grandma Mazur -Stephanie's Grams (Birthday April 22nd as noted by Janet Evanovich on her twitter feed)

    is a trip. There's never a dull moment with Grams around! One of my favorite characters

  6. Helen Plum (mother)
  7. Valerie Plum (sister) 2-4 children Married to Albert Kloughn
  8. Frank Plum -Stephanie's dad a "fruit of the loom wearing Buick driving, mets, whose loyalties are carved into stone"
  9. Vincent Plum

    5'7" slim 'ferret' frame married to Lucille, who's father is Harry the Hammer

    Vin Drives a Cadillac Seville is the owner of Vincent Plum Bail Bonding Company that is open 24 hours and serves the family trade like domestic disturbances, disorderlies, autho theft DWI & shoplifting.

  10. Albert Kloughn - Valerie's husband

    tubby, cool sense of humor

  11. Connie Rosolli

    Thick waist Olive skin Black hair works for Vincent plum Lot more Italia than Stephanie & is a couple years older & a few Inches shorter

  12. Grandma Bella (Morelli's grams)

    Has visions

  13. Diesel (from the Between the Numbers series)

    over 6 feet tall deep set brown eyes short wavy sandy blond hair late 20- early 30s with perfect white teeth & warm smile + bad attitude

Get Your Copy NOW! - Release date June 17 2014

5 Reasons to Read Top Secret 21

* I hear there's a Chihuahua in it

* Also heard there's a sort of show down but I won't say between who THAT alone would ruin it!

Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum)
Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum)

The hilarity of the Stephanie Plum series continues with apparently a Top secret; I wonder what it is!


Stephanie Plum's secrets for being a Successfulbounty Hunter

*Being able to seize the moment



*creative thought

*& it doesn't hurt to have 'balls'

Rule 1-Do not underestimate the enemy

Rule 2- think like a felon

"Babe, Your life should be a prime time sitcom"

— Ranger to Stephanie Plum

Stephanie Plum Novels

To the Nines started = January 1 -7 (7 days)

only in the first (almost) 50 pages and there's some good wit.

This takes place in New Jersey and there's even a street mentioned that is my cats name and same spelling! (cool)

Quotes= besides what is noted in the review...

Sometimes its hard to tell what's love & what's indegestion -Valerie Plum

High Five Start= January 15 - 22 (8 days)

Notes & Quotes:

"I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head I saw myself Thinking"-Stephanie Plum

Grandma Mazur stun Guns Mr. Plum "Scrambled some Brain cells, not permanent" He opens one eye & farts (LMAO) to which Grams replies "oops someone must have stepped on a duck"

Stephanie gets the hots for Rangers, we meet Uncle Fred aunt Mabel & Randy Brigs & Stephanie Drives a Porchse, BmW & a '53 Buick

Hard Eight Started January 22 - 29 (8 days)

Notes & QUOTES: AWESOME!! she listens to GODSMACK!

"Babe, Your life should be a prime time sitcom" - Ranger

(& I thought yeah or a HILARIOUS reality show!)

Stephanie must decide on her futurewith Morelli once & for all, we meet Eddie Abruzzo, Mrs. Markowitz, Carol Nadich, Evelyn Soder & Albert Kloughn & steph drves a Honda CR-V & that dark '53 buck!

Finger Lickin Fifteen

Started: February 11-22 (12 days well there was 1 or 2 I didn't read or read VERY little)

I like the cover art. I think it's fitting with what is going on in the book and the title I get as well. Not only is the cover cool but the back cover I find a little on the different side. I like house they have the plot explanation in the back.


OMG she calls 'it' a Doodah!

Also the's a peanut butternut like me! But some of what she eats on it BLAH!

(this one I had to read a few times to make sure I read it right) ... Lula's a good friend but having her as a roommate would be like getting locked in a closet with a Rhiboceros in full Attention Deficit Disorder mode

Quotes :

I'm an Open book with a lot of blank pages, his book is filled with life experiences but written in disappearing ink. I've got 3 locks on my door plus a sliding bolt and somehow this never stops Ranger. he's a man of mysterious talents

It'd be less painful than eating these burned black, tastes like Monkey S***, dry as an old maids fart bones" -Mr Plum (about Lula's Baked BBQ Ribs & her own Hot Sauce she's makign for a contest)

One for the Money

started May 20 - 26

Notes & quotes:

Stephanie thinking to herself with a pretty much bare refrigerator in front of her....

I wondered if nine in the morning was too early to drink beer. Of course in Moscow it would be four in the afternoon. Good Enough (proving it is always '5 o'clock' somewhere)

Stephanie drives a Nova (damn mom had 2 of those as far as I remember) & morelli's Jeep Cherokee

Morelli: Think we can be friends after all this?"

Stephanie: (Thnking... This from the person who tossed my keys into a dumpster) "I suppose its possible, we wouldn't have to sign a pact and seal it in blood would we?"

morelli:No but we could belch over beer.

Stephanie:My kind of contract.

This not being the first of the books I read though the one that dawns on me that Stephanie & Morelli act like a couple of teens when they are together.

I think if Stephanie was a real person, I think we'd be good friends~ as there's a few things she likes that I do as well.

Talking about a rainy day- This was the sort of day to read a comic books under a blanket tent and eat the icing from the middle of oreos...(this was Not the sort of day to chase down deperados)

Vocabulary-jalousied (front porch) - something like blinds of horizontal slats

Encumbrance -burden or

"I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head I saw myself Thinking"-

— Stephanie Plum High Five

The Author

Janet Evanovich
Janet Evanovich

How I am like Stephanie Plum

*This was the sort of day to read a comic books under a blanket tent and eat the icing from the middle of oreos (I'm an Oreo Fiend & esp. love reading (or watching movies) on rainy days.

** in Hard 8 she's listens to Godsmack- Godsmack is my Favorite band even named my cat after the lead singer Sully Erna & (I forget which book) there's a street named Sully

Stephanie Plum: Bewteen the numbers novel - started June 8 & finished on the 9th!

Came across this in a thrift store. I pushed this through being it's a thin book (164 pages)

Great read for a day at the beach or just sitting outside in your yard & sunning!

This was funny! Grandma Mazur well let's just say she gets pouty, (page 68) & Bob the dog.. should be under the sink as a garbage disposal! (all the crap he eats!)

Then there's Diesel and his 'Radar'

Stephanie: You don't actually thik you have radar do you?

Diesel: No, but I have GPS. And ESP. ANdy monday night's on ESPN.

(Ok he was a little nutty but at least he had a sense of humor)

Grandma Mazur: He needs to have his head examined

valerie: He had it examined; they didn't find anything

Plum Lovin': A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Novel
Plum Lovin': A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Novel

So this takes place their time around valentines' day so it might be an idea to read around that time, its fun & part of Stephanie's case with Deisel, well she has to act as a relationship expert. Which knowing her will turn out with some accidents or at least one being very interesting (HILARIOUS)

Mom was reading this and all of a sudden burst out laughing her butt off. I told her just tell me the page number (92 top of the page) so I knew as I didn't want it ruined when I read it. Well I did't laugh as much as she did when I got to that part, but there was another I did. Grandma Mazur (as already noted) and The dog seems to eat anything & everything and as someone I knew used to say 'you can't make this up" well this is supposed to be fiction but I wouldn't doubt there being some truth to the tale!



Emily Restkler's daughter got a pin for 10 years' service at the Bank. "10 years and never once in a shootout"

— Helen Plum in Eleven on Top

FTA case file

The Job (co Authored w/ Lee Goldberg) is slated to release on November 18 2014

There will be no Wicked this year

but Janet said on twitter she is working on one scheduled for 2015

Wicked books Lizzie & Diesel Novel - & Fox & O'hare books

Wicked Business

started- July 27 - August 4

The 200th book I've read (as far as keeping record of what I have)

the Luxuria stone is one of the seven deadly sins known as the Saligia stones.

The Lust stone was originally the True Love stone before it became corrupt into sin.

Notes & Quotes:

"Hoe Endures in the reasder of this messege. Love comes to those who still hope" -Van gough painting Clue

I have not gotten to either of these yet

Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel (Lizzy & Diesel)
Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel (Lizzy & Diesel)

In this series Diesel (which makes apparences in the Plum between the numbers series) and Izzy who is a pastry chef in Salem Mass. go on a treasure hunt of sorts to find the Luxuria stone. Izzy has a bit of an ability to find let's say special artifacts. I liked the advneture of finding the clues and the ending was at lest climatic. There are intense parts or so I felt. The characters are likeable.. especially Love Glo! Total 'Geek' girl or is that witchy? Either way The characters are likable in their own ways, of course one in which has a bit of an ego but hey as long as its not too annoying it can be likeable which it is in this case, not to mention some of the humor. If you like Adventures, mysteries & Treasure Hunts I think You'll like this. This was a bit funny (subtle) not as much as the Stephanie Plum series, sprinkled with a bit of the supernatural and a bit interesting. It flowed well.


The Only Reason I didn't book you for murder is I'm too tired to fill out the Paperwork

— Joe Morelli } 3 to get Deadly

Plum Fun Facts & Lingo

#PlumFun (on twitter)

some preview info (from the Plumographies at the back of my edition of one for the money)

2 for the Dough- Morelli's Intentions become known & the Battle of the sexes begin!

"Morelli & I have done battle before. With only short-lived victories on both sides, I suspected this woud be another war of sorts. And I figured I'd have to learn to live with it." Steph Drives a Buick & a Jeep Wrangler

3 to get Deadly- Historic Moment; Morelli finally kisses Stephenie who's all for it

New Characters- Uncle Moses, Nedimier, Joyce Bernhardt & stuart Baggett

Autos driven (by steph) Nissan, Mazda, & '53 buick

4 to score- Stephenie & MOrelli Do the deed

New CHaracters- Sally Sweet, Edward Kuntz

Autos Honda CRX & '53 Buick

Hot 6- "Two of the men on my list of desireables actually desire me back. The problem being that they both sort of scare the hell out of me"

Grandma Mazur moves in with Stephanie, Morelli Prposes, & Ranger's secret past is alluded to Eddie DeChooch is introduced & Steph drives a Civic honda, and a custom build Rollswagon plus the '53 Buick

7 up - "Morelli's still trouble, but now he's the kind fof troble a woman likes" Stephanies Sis Valeri moves in with the plum fam after her failed marrige. we meet Valerie, Mooner, Ziggy & Benny and Stephie goes Biker driving a Harley (& that '53 Buick again)

There have been 71 total viewings at Stiva's and other funeral homes in the Plum series to date (2014)


PC = Plain CLothes man

FTA= Failure to Appear

It'd be less painful than eating these burned black, tastes like Monkey S***, dry as an old maids fart bones"

— Mr. Plum - On Lula's Baked BBQ Ribs for a contest in Finer Lickin Fifteen

You wouldn't know what to do with a stud muffin if you tripped over one

— -Frank Plum 3 to get Deadly

'Full' series - by Janet Evanovich & Charolette Hughes

Full House

start June 29

"The Bananas are going to hit the fan when she (grandma) finds out about this" -Christie Pearce

Full House (Max Holt #1) (Full Series)
Full House (Max Holt #1) (Full Series)

So Nick is some rich guy who runs a newspaper and stable teaching how to ride horses & polo lessons. Billie a divorcee of 4 years comes in for lessons and well she's a bit of a Klutz. Nick's plate is so full, his cousins, DeeDee who has had 4 husbands in 3 years!! ( and is about to again is staying at his house. He's also worried about his cousin Max being trouble) While Billie's kids are on a month vacation with their dad. I started off slow but not the book's fault. I've bee a bit busy otherwise I would have been finshed by now. So there's not really much excitement til the end which threw me for a loop as I wasn't expecting that. It was ok but not as fun as the Stephanie Plum series


I need some hot music to get me in the mood to bust ass

— Lula -Three to get Deadly

Have you read the books? Who is your fave character, which is your fave book let's discuss

Captured Plums

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