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Why are You Not Rich?

Updated on October 11, 2017

Receive the Truth

This article teaches you the causes of poverty. Why are you not rich and the way out.

It is not a religious article.It explains the rules and instructionsto follow. Do not be bias!

Open your mind to receive the truth and it will set you free.

What is the cause of poverty in your life? How did it start?

You should be able to master how it came.

These questions will be answered in this article. I encourage you to read on.

Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit.

— Eli Khamarov, Lives of the Cognoscenti

The Way Out of Poverty

GOD has given us the power to rise financially but we have to create a wealth mentality.

We all need to renew our mind about wealth. The lack of money is the root of all evil.

Sometimes, when a man is poor,even down to the very thoughts of his heart,

everything is contaminated.

He is possessed with envy, jealousy, impatience, hatred for those that use their

money to oppress others. He can even manifest it in killing and robbery.

Wealth is not just about having, it is about being.

Your financial prosperity is dependent on your mental state of mind.

Read Napoleon Hill's book ''Think And Grow Rich''.

The beginning of wealth is in the heart. Line up your thinking with the word of GOD.

The journey from poverty to prosperity begins from within. You can become rich.

Poverty can be shattered, you can be wealthy if only you see yourself increasing inside,

then it will be impossible to stagnate on the outside.

Do not accept poverty as your lot in life. Nobody is destined to be poor.

Circumstance forced some people into it.They accept and settle with it.

Remember whatever you accept you can't change.

Reject poverty in your mind and agree with GOD'S word.

The way out of poverty is the giving way. You can't walk away from poverty

if you don't understand the word of GOD. A poor man talks about his problems,

why he can't make it. You can't be successful and be poor.

The blessings of GOD adds no sorrow. Poverty is self inflicted.

Lack of knowledge which is ignorance and indicipline causes poverty.

Make use of the success abilities that come your way.You must examine the success

abilities in your opportunities.Invest your money in shares. Invest in a company that is solid.

The secret to investing is insight not numbers. Instead of buying extra cola everyday,

save the money in bank deposits to buy shares.Learn to give thanks for every little blessings,

you are sowing a seed that will begin your positive transformation.

Have a proper dwelling plan.

There is a proverb that says ''a big blanket encourages sleeping in the morning.

It means that luxury encourages idleness.

If you have worked hard and made wise choices,you will find contentment and riches.

Dedicate yourself to a task.

Riches comes by choice and not chance. Conscious and deliberate efforts have to be made

to arrive at the point of increase.

Are you ready to bear the pains of increase? A woman who wants a child must of

necessity endure labour pangs.A kettle cannot successfully boil water except it is put through

and energy source (electric or heat). In much the same way,

You cannot have any increase or riches if you are not linked to GOD in prayer and

the study of HIS WORD.

Riches is not a game of chance. It is a reward, a harvest of certain principles when obeyed.

It is not a question of dreams and wishes granted, it is a reward of some seeds sowing.

To get into your financial freedom, change your vision. What you see inside will determine

the size of wealth you attract. If you imagine negative things, it is the negative that will be

printed to reality tomorrow.Vision attracts provision. Provision is given towards vision.

It is what you see inside you today that you will get on the outside tomorrow.

Whether you believe it or not,poverty is of the devil- it is not of GOD.

You must fight poverty until its claws are broken from your destiny.If you are poor,

nobody will remember or respect you. No matter your good intentions,if you lack money,

you will smile faintly in the dark, nobody will recognise you.

Jesus Christ has paid for our prosperity. One of the requirements for your financial freedom is the release of the seed you posses. Your future is trapped in the seed that you posses.

It's important to create a wealth mentality if you want to rise financially. You'll need to renew your mind about wealth. Note that poverty is not synonymous with holiness.

The beginning of wealth is in the heart so you have to line up your thinking with the word of GOD. You'll need to appreciate that the quality of your life will never appreciate beyond the quality of your heart.

Think what GOD thinks. The journey from poverty to prosperity begins from within.

You can be rich and it's possible to conquer poverty. You can change your heart if only you can see yourself increasing inside, then it'll be impossible to stagnate on the outside.

Change your vision. It has been said that what you see inside you determines the size of wealth you'll attract. A preacher once said, '' your vision is the raw material for GOD to control your future.''

Vision attracts provision. Provision is given towards vision. It's what you see inside you today that will get on the outside tomorrow.

Conquer Poverty

Poverty can be conquered. You can accumulate enough to meet your needs and of others.

If you want to conquer poverty, you need to obey the principles of tithing, obeying GOD,

sacrificial giving, walking in wisdom,saving, investing and think positively about yourself.

I've chosen the path of wealth as long as GOD has a hand in it. Having riches without JESUS CHRIST will only add sorrow to ones problem.

Avoid the get rich quick syndrome. I've seen people knock others down to accumulate wealth.

Friends and people I helped in my past used me as a stepping stone to get to their next level. You need to avoid such people by asking GOD for insight and discernment.

Most importantly, in all your drive to get rich let GOD lead you.


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