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Will they be home for "Christmas at the Homeplace?"

Updated on September 13, 2014

The fourth book in the series

Cover art for the book
Cover art for the book | Source

In this latest novel in "The Homeplace Saga" of historical fiction family saga stories, author Smith has continued the feel-good story-telling at a singular fictional location in the southern Missouri Ozarks.

This, the fourth novel in the series, picks up right where the third novel, "The Homeplace Revisted" left off, and occurs during the fourth quarter of 1996, at the Homeplace Inn, Oak Springs, and the Oak Creek River valley we have come to know so well. "Homecoming by Christmas" is the primary theme this time - you'll want to put his on your wish list or download the Kindle edition immediately. Karen hopes her kids all make it to her home for Christmas this year. It was fun to watch, and listen to, her talk to each of them to persuade them this was the year to make it for sure.

Staff Sgt. Travis Inman, a popular young man in the community, is supposed to be home from military service in Bosnia by Christmas. The whole town is anxious, and awaiting final word on his return. This is especially so, because they know he has not seen his little daughter, in person - she was born shortly after his unit deployed the first of the year.

I probably most enjoyed the introduction of a son, for Peter. One he didn't know he had. I won't give away any details except to say, adding a ten-year old boy to an unmarried couple does provide some interesting reading. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is a nice addition to this "Saga." Now, each of the "heirs" to the principle family has children. Inter-generational conflict has been a key theme through the books of this series. This sets us up for more, down the line, it appears.

There is one other "new character" added, that I want to suggest may "upset the apple cart" further down the line in these stories. An old-family friend, a former co-worker with Jason, announces his decision to move from Arizona to Oak Springs. Karen seems receptive, as I read her here, but will that continue in the future is a question worth asking.

Finally, two of the young professionals in the community, Jennifer and Brian, a veterinarian and lawyer, respectively, work with the City Librarian to start up the Oak Springs Historical and Genealogical Society. Each is interested in their own family history, but, through this project, may be thinking of creating some family history of their own. The family history is another theme that author Smith runs through the "Saga" story series. This will obviously continue.

If you like family sagas, and don't mind dealing with multiple characters in an slice of life in this family and community, I believe you will like this novel. If not, then you should probably avoid it. It is not your "standard fare" - but it is good, clean, family entertainment - for the "Christmas" season.

This book is a part of "The Homeplace Saga" stories

This book is the fourth in a series of family saga historical fiction stories which are all included in "The Homeplace Saga" stories created by the author, William Leverne Smith. There are also a number of short stories, now collected in a new book (see below), and more short stories here on HubPages.

The latest short story collection in the series of stories

The early Homeplace Farmhouse
The early Homeplace Farmhouse

Which of the earlier books in this historical fiction series have you read?

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Back cover art on the book

Back Cover Art on the book
Back Cover Art on the book | Source

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