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I would Put Quality Over Quantity

Updated on January 17, 2017

Choose quality content

Many people choose Quality articles most of the time, but I have seen people mass producing articles with a few grammatical errors, and still scoring a lot of traffic.

I like to think of it as someone who uploads a lot on You tube, and doesn't do anything with editing other than the summary and introduction and has great entertainment as opposed to someone who produces high quality videos who has a lot of great transitions, and puts a lot of attention into it.

But I have seen some clients who really do not care how well articles are written. They certainly want a lot.

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How to Write Articles for News/Mags, 2/e (Step-by-step)

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Quality is the key

On a forum, quantity is important because it's supposed to be made up of conversations, or chit-chat. So it's quite natural that conversations would contain quite a bit of grammatical errors. Some folks may think otherwise that forums should have quality and interesting discussions than having a lot of random pointless short posts.

For a blog, article writing sites and websites, I would definitely say that quality comes first because a blog and content sites are expected to present information in a useful and entertaining way. A blog is basically a monologue and, as such, it must be good before anyone would bother to read beyond the first three lines.

I'd rather have a few good articles than many below standard articles and to bring in a lot of traffic and quality traffic, you truly need both. Quality content is important, but if you have only limited amount of them, then you won't get lots of traffic either. Some web sites have tons of not so good content, and they might get quite a bit traffic, I don't think it is a sustainable model if you want user engagement. You need to churn out content often on a routinely basis to keep getting more traffic and staying relevant to your readers, but at the same time quality is the key .

Personally I have found quality to be better than quantity when it comes to a blog and content writing. I would rather see three quality posts on a blog than badly written ones. One need to master the art of balancing them out.

I would prefer to provide someone with a few great articles than many that are very poor. For my own site, I want quality. I would not want to just to have a lot of articles out there. As a reader I would desire to read interesting and good quality articles, in fact if its low quality article then I would never indulge into it. It is subjective. Some people may want to read posts with proper grammar, indentation and punctuation. Others may want more responses in order to form their opinion and may not care so much about the quality of the responses.

I know quantity will come over time, it just takes patience, and hard work. But I take pride in making my site a great resource for my users, so I want almost of my posts to be high quality content.

However, some people prefer to have a good mix between quality and quantity. Writing content regularly is ideal but it is the quality of your pages that makes your site interesting.

I require myself to publish one hundred per cent proofread articles only. Grammar is actually important for serious articles because people will not take you seriously if the article is full of grammar mistakes. My aim is to write articles with zero mistake and I prefer to let more capable people to proofread for me before I publish them.

For forum posts, it is a totally different story since it is supposed to be member generated content.

It's not nice if my article is filled with too many grammar mistakes and red highlighted spelling mistakes. My articles and blogs must be well polished articles so that my clients who visit my websites won't see shoddy contents. It's not any easy task but it sure worth it.

Before I publish my article, I always write my texts in OpenOffice.Org.What I do is, I edit it myself as much as I can, proofread several times myself before letting someone else reread it. Then of course, I will have to edit it again according to the notes I receive from the final proofread. So it takes no less than dozens editing before I publish each of my articles. I know I am incapable of writing perfect (in terms of grammar etc.) articles,that's why I go through so many procedures and getting outside help.

I know some believe in both quantity and quality because quality and volume of content matters to their visitors and search engines, it can draw traffic to a site.

However, looking only for quantity couldn't do anything good for a site in a long run. If I have to pick just one, I choose quality..

I could write a few quality articles a day so people can learn stuff from my blog and website or I can update short posts everyday and keep my readers updated and engaged.

Quality ranks higher

I'm hundred percent sure that Google's search engine believe in 'quality content is the king.' Your content must be relevant, original and useful to internet users. If your article presents unique viewpoints then you're driving towards success in Panda algorithms.

Writing and churning out articles in quantity will not repond to search engines that are trying to meet a growing demand of more accurate search. However voice search and conversational search will determine the way your content is evaluated and shown on search engines.

Although you have to think of quantity in order to have a stable and reputable source, I think quality ranks higher than quantity. Having quality is good for starters but having quantity over quality isn't good enough.

Is Quality or Quantity King in Content Writing?

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    • profile image

      Im2keys 4 years ago

      I agree, quality is important!

    • nicenet profile image

      nicey 4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thanks for voting and reading my article.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Quality gets my vote every time!