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Dear (Name), I am so frustrated with you. How to write a letter and still feel better.

Updated on May 20, 2014


The human emotion is the most powerful weapon in the entire world. It can start wars, be romantic, caring, passionate, or joyful. Pharrell Williams sings about being happy is like a room without a roof (I can hear you humming it right now). Ministers ask people to pray before confronting people in anger, because peace, which is also an emotion, prevents a person from doing something they will soon regret. (Again another emotion). According to the Christian Science Monitor, we as humans have 14 irreducible emotions, according to Aristotle’s piece Rhetoric. Other references I read state that psychologists have yet to identify all the humans emotions we have.

So what does that have to do with today’s topic? Everything, because it is the basis for your next writing challenge. I know I have not had one of those in a couple of months. If you read yesterday’s post in my blog, My Ambiance Life, I was selected for jury duty, and got my “get out of jail free card” by showing them I have a business, by giving them a business card. Well, all was not happy in leaving the hallowed hall of the Franklin County judicial system. It took me 30 mins to get to the area I needed to be in, and it took me 45 mins to get out. I want the people responsible for designing all the buildings to know I was not a happy camper coming and going to jury duty.

When I get frustrated with someone or something, I write a letter, but I do not send it. This is a perfect way to hone in your writing skills, get out your frustrations, and still be able to still keep the peace with that person. I have had friends, bosses, and family frustrate me and yet, I am still speaking to these people, thanks to getting out all of these frustrations in a letter on my personal journal.

Yes, I said personal journal. If you keep one, and you should, write the letter there. No use make your frustration with a friend a public one. If you really want your friend to know about your frustrations with him or her, vocalize it. Sending a letter is kind of like that “dear John” letter, and could look bad.

It should be in letter form as though you are about to send it, but it is not necessary. My letter to the county commission looked like this:

Dear Franklin County Courts:

Who designed your buildings, a madman? I was visiting your courts because you called me for jury duty. The last time I was there, I had a civil case thrown on me. It does not matter. What matters is took me 30 minutes to get into your building from the front street garage to place where you have jurors report for jury duty, and because I own a business, I was dismissed. Guess how long it took me to leave? 45 minutes, and that was from the building itself. I will address your Front Street parking garage later. I have never been so frustrated in all my life (actually I have). It was like walking through a subway station in New York. My doctor told me I needed to start walking more, so I want to thank you for helping me with my walking program yesterday. I think I lost 5 pounds on that walk.

I was not happy that I had to park in the garage. There are plenty of parking spaces outside the garage, I should know, I saw all of them, as I was trying to get inside of the blasted thing. Let’s see… I came in from I-70 East, got off at the Fourth Street exit, went down Fulton, and was met with street cones. I turn left going towards the Brewery District, went in back of Kroger’s and finally got inside of the garage. I had to go up to the 3B as in “build another garage”. Got out, and I was trying to find the bridge to go across the street. Took me 10 minutes, and three people to finally get across to juvenile. Checked my bag, containing all of my contents from my purse and my Ipad at security checkpoint A, and asked for directions to the jury room. Down one hall, and elevator, and a tunnel, I have arrived….at the new courtroom. Question: did you hire pervert to build your new courtroom? If you did, they hit it on the money for that glass staircase. Every male who wants to get thrill and a few Lesbians will be able to look up a woman’s skirt to check her out. I will never wear a dress or suit with a skirt there. I checked in.

After I turned in my Jury paper and my business card to get out of jury duty, it took me 45 mins to leave. Why? Because I asked for the bridge to the parking lot, and they gave me the one for High Street. So I had to walk through Domestic Court, through Traffic Court (which is like herding cattle-did everyone who drives in the City of Columbus get a ticket that day? Oh that’s right, giggle, I didn’t), and finally back through Juvie, until finally across the correct the bridge to my well-beloved Jessica (my sister named my car).

How to get me and Jessica out of the garage? Carefully

Next, please do something about that garage of yours. No one has the time nor the money to get a new paint job or a new car. Widen the ramp, raise the roof, and do something. I realize that the reason anyone would be here is because either they are in trouble, being sued, or trying to sue, but for the love of God, please tear down this garage structure and bring it to code with the rest of the parking garages in this city. You are supposed to creep down the ramps, I know that, because I creep down the other ramps as well, so I do not hit an oncoming car. But I have a newer car, when the wide body look was in (1998 was a good year). It is not easy getting a wide-body car down a ramp, made for a car built in the 1800s. Why should a parking garage be built that way?

Thank you for listening, and I hope you take it heart when asking a person to serve their civil duty as a juror. I am sure you have heard from the lawyers and others about this problem, so please listen. We the people have spoken, well, at least this person has spoken loud and clear.

So how should you do it?

To write a letter, you must first address who you are writing it to in you main post Dear_____. Next state the reason why you are writing. If you do not feel like saying, “how are you”, don’t. This is not a former letter. Next, state your feelings. This is where you throw caution to the wind, and let her rip. Feel free to curse, use sad words, anything. Take a break, especially if you are angry. Take a walk, take a nap, anything, but do not draw a conclusion yet. After you have taken that break, go back to the letter/entry, and tell that person what you think it is the best solution. Think about that person’s reaction, and feeling, if you have sent that letter. Wish them the best. Finally forget about it. You have yelled, cried, laughed, or whatever the feeling was, especially if you were angry in the first place. Move on from there. If it is still bothering you, at least you have gotten over the worst part of it, and you are prepared to talk, not write, to the real person. Do not hash over old stuff, for it will sting all over again. Look at it from new eyes, and talk to the person. I am not an expert, I just know what works best for me. I hope you give it a try.


Again, I am not sending it, but it does make a great stress reliever. I feel better, knowing that if I should ever send it, I have made a difference. Is there reason why I am not sending this letter? You bet. I hope I never have to go there again. It is an honor to be asked to serve a juror, but I have a business that is more important, and I would be best to serve someone in a food pantry, to give an ear to the impoverished or give words of encouragement, instead of deciding a person’s fate.

So, give this a try. It does not hurt a person. You will feel better, and I wish more people would take to writing as a stress reliever than guns and knives, which can hurt people.


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