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Write the perfect short story.

Updated on February 29, 2016

Before you start typing anything on your computer there is a very important step, planning. Planning is the essential key to any good story, whether it is a romance, comedy, thrilller etc. Keep in mind that it should be interesting and filled with exitment points to keep the reader going. Adding unexpected twists at the end will make it even more epic. But before we get to the end, we have to start at the beginning:

  • Create a storyline; Start with choosing the genre, do you want to write a romance or a fiction? Do you want it to be sad or scary? Take your time and pick what seems most interesting to you. Now that you have figured that out it is time to really create a story. Take a blank piece of paper and start by writing the genre in the center, circle that word and draw a line out to one side. From there you keep drawing lines from the center and add keywords to help plot out a story.

Here is an example of keywords to a thriller story. The more keywords, the easier the next steps get. Scrabble down any word that comes to mind, there are no stupid ideas.
Here is an example of keywords to a thriller story. The more keywords, the easier the next steps get. Scrabble down any word that comes to mind, there are no stupid ideas.
  • Now that you have put all your thoughts on paper, it´s time to sort them out and place them in the right order. Take a new piece of paper and start writing them in a sorted order. In the end you will be left with the perfect recipe to guide you through the writing.
  • Here comes the best part, sit down, turn off the TV and let your imagination carry you away. Put yourself into the story and describe everything you see, smell feel and think. Don´t worry about spelling the words right or creating a perfect sentence, this is all about writing down every thought that comes in mind. Still, remember not to repeat yourself to much and throw in som metaphors.
  • Take a break. Put away your computer/laptop and find other things to do. Let your mind rest for at least a few hours, before continuing. If you get to the editing right away you will automatically skip any miss spellings or odd senteces, because the material is so fresh. Wheras geting back to editing after a day or two will make you see mistakes and mabye add some new ideas. I mastermind do also need a break once a while.

Some extra tips if you are stuck during the process

  • Get help from a friend. Ask someone to read what you have so fare, mabye they can give you some new inspiration or a different view of your content.
  • Read a book. Once again, this will help for new inspiration and getting an idea of the writing structure.
  • Give yourself a challange; put on an alarm for 10-15 minutes and write without stopping. If you dont have anything then write "word" untill something else comes to your head. This way you learn to expand your creativity and not limit the ideas brought to life.

  • If you have finished editing there is not much else left to do then share with whom every you want to see. Take a last read to make shure everything is perfect, du you have a catchy title?

Keep writing end expressing yourself, practice makes perfect. Try sharing with other writers to get their opinion and tips for extra improvement.

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