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Become a More Prolific Writer

Updated on September 22, 2017

When it comes to writing, many of us wish we could write more than we do, but we're lacking something. We may be lacking time, motivation, or something else. Imaginary barriers exist between us and that prolific blog, novel, newspaper editorial, or new curriculum.

When it comes to writing, here are a few tips to help you write more.

1. Stop making excuses.

You have to stop making excuses. Stop telling yourself all the reasons you can't get this writing done and start motivating yourself. Half the battle is mental.

2. Turn off the wifi!

If your working at a computer, turn off your wifi. Let's be real - it's much more fun to scroll through your social media pages or read another article than do the hard work of writing.

3. Reward yourself.

Set a goal for yourself. This may be a time goal or a word-count goal. After you hit that goal reward yourself with 10 minutes of browsing the internet or some other incentive.

4. Discover where you write best.

Where are you most productive? Is it at your kitchen table, the office, a coffee shop? Wherever that place is for you, go there! Also ask what time you work best; are you a morning person or a night owl? Write while you're awake and alert.

5. Stop while your ahead.

This one may seem counter-intuitive, but dont empty your tank. Don't wait until your out of ideas to stop writing. Quit while you're ahead. That way you have a launching point for tomorrow.

6. Repeat.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Whatever your writing may not get finished right away, and that is completely fine! This is the discipline of art. Make it a habit to sit down every day and write something. The more you write, the better you'll get.

© 2017 Seth Thomas


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