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Finding Profitable Topics to Write About

Updated on March 25, 2020
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With over 3,000,000 views on the Hubpages site, Mary offers advice to help you get more traffic to your articles.

Internet writing
Internet writing | Source

Creative Writing Prompts

The fourth in the series featuring the letter D. This is meant to be a tool for you to use to generate more articles. Use it to spark to a brainstorming session. Often if you can't think of what to write about, it is often helpful to search on the internet for inspiration. This is why I have put together these helpful pages for you to use. Feel free to use these for online writing or as topics in school. If you are a teacher, suggest to students that they create a similar list for the class to use as topics for classroom writing. Creative writing prompts are just the spark that will light the flame to a new online article, book, or essay.

As always, if you do use one of the ideas, I'd love to hear about it.

Writing suggestions

Dakar rally: Are you a fan of the Dakar Rally? Who are your favorite drivers, which are the best cars, do you follow this religiously?

Dance music: Which dance music always gets you out on the dance floor? Why? Explain what it is and your favourite type and artists.

Dancing: Everything from Ballet to Ballroom to Disco to break dancing. Pick a style and write about it. It is always a good idea to include videos if possible.

Daredevils: How many daredevils can you name? Have they changed from the likes of Evel Knievel to Felix Baumgartner. Why do we as a population enjoy this. What daredevil stunts most impress you.

Darts: Do you play darts? Can you describe your technique? How do you keep score. Any tips for quick mathematical calculations needed? What to look for when buying darts. Where do you play, are there clubs etc.

Databases: Can you explain how to use a database. What type of information can a person use this for, and how is it going to benefit them?

Topics for online articles

Dating tips:No matter how old you are, first dates are always difficult. Do you have any online dating tips? Amusing, scary or just down-right odd. Where to go for dates.

Daughters: There is something about daughters. Explain yourself as a daughter and if you have a daughter. The worries, the pride, the unsuitable boyfriends.

Daycare: What do you look for in a daycare? What facilities, the number of helpers per child? What type of questions would you ask before enrolling your child. What is the cost and how many hours away from home is ideal. Which is better, a morning class or afternoon. What type of activities do the children partake in? This could also be about how to start a daycare center. What regulations there are etc.

Days out: Where would you suggest for a day out trip? Somewhere that will fill a day but doesn't offer enough to stay overnight.. This can be in your area or somewhere you have visited when you were young. Write a travelogue, including restaurants in the area and cost of entrance tickets if applicable.

Dentistry: Have you always wanted to study dentistry? Which schools have dental programs for dentists, hygienists or therapists? How to floss correctly. Which, products are available . Compare floss, Water Pik and dental brushes.

Design: Do you love design? Interior design, fashion design, best to be specific. Perhaps highlight the life of a famous fashion designer. Interior design is always popular in the winter months. This could be car designs, or even how to make money designing as a welder.

Unusual Ideas to Write About

Diabetes: Do you have diabetes?? What types of medicines are prescribed for this, what equipment do you use. How do you know if something isn't right. What do you do if someone collapses with diabetes? Suggest recipes that are adapted for people with diabetes. What causes it What is it like living with this?

Diamonds: Do you know your emerald shape from a pear shape? Can you explain the differences in diamond colours. Which are most popular and which are rare. Write about conditions in diamond mines.

Digeridoo: Can you play the digeridoo? How did you learn, what is the history of this unusual instrument include video

Diorama: Have you made a diorama? Could you describe how to make one? Give examples that would be great as gifts or for children's activities. Great for a summer time project.

Disability: Do you know someone who is living with a disability, perhaps it is yourself. Do you have any coping strategies. There are many physical and mental disabilities that you could write about.

Disco: Are you a fan of the disco era? List your favourite disco songs, do you go clubbing dressed in disco gear? Can you throw a disco era party. Where do you buy disco clothes?

Topics for Online Writers

Discus throwing: We have all seen this in the Olympics but do you still throw a discus? When did you start, where do you throw. What are the rules.

Divorce: A topic that affects a large portion of the population. Do you know coping strategies for dealing with the pain of divorce?

Doctors: How to know if your doctors is giving you good advice. How to become a doctor. Discuss different fields of medicine and the qualifications for each.

Dogs: Lots of scope here. Discuss breeds, exercise, insurance.

Dolls: Everything from Barbie to collectible dolls, a huge market. Dollhouses and accessories are very popular.

Doughnuts: One of life's simple pleasures. Do you make doughnuts ? Are you first in line at Krispy Kreme each morning? Explain the process and the history. Which ones are eaten most. Why aren't doughnuts as great in countries other than America?

Help Finding a Subject to Write About

Drag racing:Are you an Adrenalin junkie? If you can't get enough of drag racing tell us why. Explain how you feel when you hear the roar of the engines. Do you yourself drive a dragster? Where are the best venues, drivers, etc.

Drama movies/TV: Do you enjoy a good drama? Write about your favorite. What makes a good drama. How have television dramas changed over the years?

Drawing: Are you an artist? Can you explain some easy tasks for people to try. For example how to draw people. For someone who doesn't draw, simple tasks explained well always are popular.

Dresses: Styles of dresses, which type suits a certain person. Necklines, belts or no belts. Why do most women opt for a blouse and skirt over a dress. Where to buy wedding dresses?

Drugs: Legal or illegal drugs. The side effects. Addiction issues, chemical make-up. Why do people become additive?

Dungeons and Dragons: Do you play this? Computer games are always popular and always get a lot of viewers. Write reviews, cheats, any advice for novices. Where to buy used copies.

There you have it, the list of topics for you beginning with the letter "D". I am sure you can already think of some that were left off the list, can't you. Why not write about?

Below you will see a link to the first page in the series obviously for the letter "A".

If you would like to write here on Hubpages, we would love to have you. It is free to join and by placing ads on your pages, you can earn money

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Mary Wickison


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