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Yasmine Galenorn's World

Updated on June 19, 2014
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially on movies, and actors she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Welcome let me introduce you to my favorite author

pronunced Yha-smin NOT Jasmine

Yasmine who was born on January 17th, and is a graduate of Evergreen State College having majored in Creative writing and theater.

Living in Bellevue, Washington; she writes Mystery, urban fantasy, as well as metaphysical non-fiction, and is a shamanic witch and has been in the craft for 30 years. She has also written books for who'd like to follow their inner 'witch'. Once upon a time she wrote a story under the name India Ink and she is a New York Times, USA Today, & Publishers weekly best selling author (of the Otherworld & Indigo Court series')

I've come across that her influences are Ray Bradbury and Stephanie Du Maurier

I think she looks somewhat like the images on her Otherworld books on Camille the witch.

As far as my experience with Yasmine, she's very nice; except the time someone provoked her. Yasmine was even kind enough to do an interview for me for my Otherworld series lens. You can check out the interview as well as Otherworld and the D'Artigo sisters if you go to the big 'Join Yasmine & me in otherworld' link to see it.

Interview with Camille from Official Yasmine Galenorn site

The Otherworld series - aka Sisters of the moon

Is the series that made me a fan. I follow the series like a feind, anxious for the next novel to come out, then pouncing on the book store to pick it up.

Sometimes I wonder if this is filling the void left from Charmed being off the air, but really watching that show it was as if I had sisters. So here I feel more like I fit in the world although here the only 'powers' I have, is when I complain about something then things I want to happen do.

I can't pick a favorite book, but I'm torn between favorite sister. I Love Witches as well as Vampires so Camille & Mellony are my favorites; but then again I love cats too so that would be Delilah so am I supposed to pick a favorite?

With alot of books becoming movies, I WISH this would. I've asked Yasmine (see exclusive interview on my yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld page) she said she would but does not know of any actors (or at least those of fan suggestions so far and sadly didn't let me know who some of the suggestions were) but she had said she'd rather see it as an animated movie. Which could might be cool depending on the style of animation, but to me animation should be left for saturday mornings (which sadly I don't think they even do what they did in the 80s from 8 or 9 am until around 2pm non-stop cartoons).

Maybe with the way some books are turning into shows..Maybe with the right director it should be a tv series (but on a station like AMC or FX not the networks as I think with all the good shows on cable (minus the garbage known as 'reality') I think this would be a good show for all. It's a BIG extendend family, there's mystery, the fantasy & supernatural element, plus Romance, and I'm sure there's at least one more thI'm missing.

as for who I would pick for each role, I'm not sure about the girls, but the guys I'd ahve to have another lok as the Men of Otherworld Postcards in my swag, at least one hopeful would be Taylor Kitsch, but I'm not sure who for. As I would love to see some art for Vanzir who has kaleidascope rainbow like eyes, smoky is a dragon, let's just say there's alot of casting to do.

Read more about The Otherworld series and its citizens The Otherworld Series review is also on this links page as well.

she is the most like me of all my characters

— - Yasmine

Berkly Prime Crime Novels

These are the Chintz n China series & Bath & Body series

I've read a harvest of Bones. I quite liked it, however it was quite some time ago.

Its part of a crime series but would also like to read a few of the other titles in the series.

Featured in the Books Club's 'Our Favorite Authors" lenses board

Featured in the Books Club's 'Our Favorite Authors" lenses board
Featured in the Books Club's 'Our Favorite Authors" lenses board

Which are you a fan of?

Which is your favorite Yasmine Galenorn novel series?

See results

Non series books

Ice Shards E-novella (previously in the anthology Hexed) will include a never before short story called SHATTERED

and will be available Dec. 24, 2012.

The Shadow of Mist E-novella (as previously in the Anthology Never After) will be out Sept. 2013

Second Helping of Murder, A: More Diabolically Delicious Recipes from Contemporary Mystery Writers
Second Helping of Murder, A: More Diabolically Delicious Recipes from Contemporary Mystery Writers

This is not a book I would actually buy. I'm not a cook book type of person.


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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image

      Kim 4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @mamabrat lm: I may have read in the pas one of Sherrilyn's books. (Looking up on my read book list) o~O.k. nothing noted so maybe I have one of her books in my wish list or saw one that had piqued my interest at one time or another (just a matter of having the $$ for it) What series by her (or book) do you like best?

    • mamabrat lm profile image

      mamabrat lm 4 years ago

      I love this author though sherrilyn Kenyon is my favorite author in this genre.