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Yes Man by Danny Wallace

Updated on January 20, 2013

We read this book while driving to work And laughed there and back again! Yes Man by Daniel Wallace a bestseller!

Whenever I think of this book, I will forever hear the story in my son's voice.

Why? Well, for a few months before he went off on his travels again (this time to India), and had a job, he got a lift with me each day. It's a bit of a drive, some 15 miles or so which doesn't sound that much, but then you haven't factored in that much dreaded T word ....TRAFFIC. It can turn a simple drive into an epic journey!

One morning, my son read some article or other to me while we were driving and we both thought this is such a good idea! We'll read a book to pass the time - well, he would to me as I drove. And the book he chose was .... Yes Man.

The best choice ever as the story is so funny, we laughed all the way going to work and all the way home. What's more, we looked forward to the daily drive, so we could hear more of Danny's book!

In fact some days we would sit in the car until Harrington had read to the end of the current chapter. We had to have the car light on in the end as the evenings were beginning to get darker.

Eventually, time began running out before the end of the book, as the day of his flight to India drew nearer. The last few days he even read a few chapters indoors! It was that good a book, we wanted to hear the end of Danny's epic yes quest.

Harrington off to India
Harrington off to India

What happened next?

Well, the final chapter was read; we'd got the end of the book and to the end of our shared daily drives that took us to work and back again.

Harrington left for his adventure in India - and that's another story!

Do you know, somehow driving to work for me hasn't been the laugh it once was.

Get your child to read to you when you're in the car!

1. It's great bonding time

2. Their reading will improve dramatically

3. And you'll share some amazing stories and laughs along the way.

Taken by Barbs @ Synchronicity House
Taken by Barbs @ Synchronicity House

One little word CAN change your life ... forever!

It did for Danny Wallace when he became the Yes Man!

Danny Wallace had been saying no. Far too much. No to his friends, no to his colleagues, no to nights out and no to himself. And life was dull. Dumped by his girlfirend and on a road to nowhere, it was only when a mystery man on a late night bus uttered three magic words that his whole world started to change ...


Reading is such a relaxing past time and when you can have a good chuckle over what you're reading, it's the best Stress Buster out!

This is one of the funniest books I've read in ages. And yet in spite of the humorous twists and slightly mad turns the story takes, there's an underlying message as well!

Can you imagine saying YES to every single thing you're asked?

What would happen to YOUR life if you began saying yes to EVERYTHING as Danny did!

Say Yes More

And Danny did. He said yes to his friends, yes to strangers, yes to adverts ... yes to everything!

If you need a good laugh - this is the book!

Yes Man
Yes Man

Danny Wallace has written one of the funniest stories I've read in ages.

His writing is funny, witty with the typically understated British humour; but also has a surprising philosophical soulful side plus a dash of romance, creating a wonderful book.

Not only will you laugh out loud at the twists and slightly mad turns that Danny's life takes once he begins saying yes more, you will begin thinking about your own life story and how those three magic words might change things for you too!

Copy of a pic in my book - Yes Man
Copy of a pic in my book - Yes Man

You can't imagine what happened to Danny's life when he said YES

Danny got an email asking if he would like to be a minister - of course he said Yes!

He bumped into his ex-girlfriend who was going on a first date - got invited along and had to say YES.

You'll have to read the book to find out the good, the bad and the weird things that happened to Danny's life when he said Yes.

Read by the author himself! - It's an Audio Book too

Yes Man
Yes Man

Listen to Danny Wallace read his own story!


Say Yes to a Kindle

If you don't yet have one of these - well do yourself a favour - think again and invest in one!

So, download Yes Man to your Kindle! - Such wonderful instant technology

Yes Man
Yes Man

Three little words - simple little words; but they changed Danny Wallace's life forever!


Danny Wallace's Yes Man - Will you be saying Yes more?

Taken by Barbs @ Synchronicity House
Taken by Barbs @ Synchronicity House

Read this book now for a good laugh (a great stress buster).

But it's also a book that offers more - there's food for thought here too!

Well, you've read this master piece ... I hope? Are you ready to be adventurous and say YES more?

See results

Yes Man starring Jim Carey

Yes Man (Single-Disc Edition)
Yes Man (Single-Disc Edition)

Completely different to one of the funniest book ever ... but still a very funny movie


Did you know Danny Wallace started a cult ... by accident!

Before he wrote Yes Man, Danny wrote Join Me, the true story of a man who started a cult by accident .

The Daily Mail describes it as one of the funniest stories you will ever read!

Danny Wallace was generally bored when he attended the funeral of his uncle Gallus, a man who had attempted to start a commune in post-war Switzerland. Only three people had joined him. So as a kind of tribute and intrigued as to what might happen, Danny placed an advert in a London newspaper asking for people to join him. Amazingly they did…

Join Me is Danny’s account of how he accidentally started a cult (or collective as he prefers to call it), how over 200 people joined him before he had decided what it was they were joining and how hundreds more joined him once he had. Crucially, it’s also about how he kept it from his girlfriend.

Say yes more! Three magic words, will they change your life? - Thanks for visiting my Lens; would love to hear your thoughts ...

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    • Julie K Henderson profile image

      Julie K Henderson 2 years ago

      Wonderful hub. I've read "Yes Man" and "Join Me," and I therefore know how funny both of these books are. I can still remember scenes from "Yes Man" which make me burst out laughing almost five years since I read this book. Voted up.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I love your story about reading the book in the car. Oh, what wonderful memories you've created! Sounds like a really good book to read aloud, too. Thanks for sharing!