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Accessories In Your Faery Garden

Updated on May 1, 2013

Faery Garden Accessories: Part One

Planting a Faery Garden is not as simple as it looks. It requires research and an understanding of the different types of Faeries. Putting together a Faery Garden requires a certain skill that extends beyond knowing what to plant. consider accessories. Planting Faery-friendly flowers, trees, and shrubs is simply not enough. Try accessorizing your garden, but keep in mind that not all Faeries are tolerant to specific garden accessories.


Bells and chimes are wonderful additions to your garden, There is the question, however, whether Faeries are drawn to, or repelled by, the sound. There is conflicting evidence in this respect. When humans have come in contact with such austere personages as the Faery Queen and King, it is remarked the horses Faeries ride are adorned with bells. Yet, there is, also, reference to Faeries not liking the sound of bells, particularly church bells. Therefore, bells or chimes may be used if they conform to the following conditions.

1. They should never be of iron, since many Faeries flee from the substance;

2. They should not be, or even resemble, Church or School Bells. This reminds some Faeries of the antipathy of the Church and the stifling of the knowledge of Faeries by institutions. Their use of music is also too rigid for Faeries.

3. The shape and tone of the bells is important. Too high, and it will keep them away; too low, and it is unpleasant for their ears. Tinny bells or chimes are not acceptable in a Faery Garden.

Bells that are merely for show will also displease Faeries. They are creatures that look for substance in their humans. What you will require, is a bell resembling, in shape, the plants Faeries are drawn to, e.g., Foxglove, Lily of the Valley. A bell from a natural substance is preferred, but any metal, except iron, can prove to be satisfactory.

It comes back, again, to what types of Faeries you wish to inhabit the garden. Are they modern, and, therefore, not part of the old anti-iron culture? Or are they old-fashioned Faeries, repelled by iron and any bell? As with anything to do with the Little People, caution is always advised.

Stones and Rocks

Stones or rocks are also a nice touch. The type, shape and age of these ancient earth beings is very important for the harmony of your Faery Garden. Unusually shaped rocks or stones are more conducive to drawing Faeries than are the regular shaped. You might want to consider searching for ancient stones – ones that came with or were formed by the glaciers. Their ancient vibrations will truly call to the Fey.

In choosing old rocks, be sure you are not upsetting any of the Old Folk who already may claim the land as their own. Only remove stones with the permission of the Land and its Spirits. Be sure to ask first. If necessary, return any rocks that seem to cause problems in your garden.

Collectively, you can use rocks in a several ways. You can construct winding paths of rocks through your Faery Garden. You can also build a rockery with lots of nooks and crannies for Faeries to conceal themselves in and among. Plants, such as Mosses, Hens and Chicks, Thyme, and Rosemary grow well in such places. For colour, add Lavender, Portulaca and Lobelia. To create a higher level, build a small retaining wall. Plants such as Columbine, Primrose, Rock Cress, Moss Pink, Snow-in-summer and Creeping Jenny can be planted in, and on, such walls. Faeries can hide themselves among the plants, and in the nooks and crannies of the wall.

There is also a simpler application of rocks and stones. Paths of rocks may wind throughout your garden. You can also build simple structures. Pick a secluded spot in the garden and pile them to make a Faery Cairn.


Creating a Faery Garden requires skill and the knowledge of more than plants. If you want to attract certain Fae, you need to accessorize. Consider the power of old rocks as well as the use of bells and chimes to draw Faeries to your garden.


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