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Benefits Of A Water Filter

Updated on November 11, 2012
This is the water filter that I bought from Amazon.
This is the water filter that I bought from Amazon. | Source

Pure Water Vs Limescale

I'd hate to sound like an advert for Sainsburys or any other supermarket but I have just bought a water filter jug and I can really taste the difference in the quality of my water now.

I live in a hard water area and the limescale is really bad. The limescale damage got so bad that it ruined the kettle and every week I have a mission to de-scale the bath from the limescale build up from my baths. In the end I got feed up of drinking gritty, scaly water so I got a water filter.

When I first got the filter I had a cold so I couldn't really see any difference because I simply couldn't taste anything. However, after a couple of days my cold had cleared up and I could really taste the difference; I no longer have to add squash in to mask the nasty taste of water, it actually tastes good by itself now.

Since I'm a fan of water filters I figured I would provide you with the awesome benefits of filtering water.

Do you filter your water?

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6 Reasons To Drink Filtered Water

These are the main benefits of drinking filtered water.

  • Limescale and other chemicals are removed from the water
  • Filtering water before putting into your kettle will greatly improve the lifespan of those appliances
  • Filters remove chlorine from the water which has lead to many health problems
  • Using filtered water instead of bottled water is better for the environment
  • Filter systems help to balance the pH of the water by re-enforcing minerals
  • Filtered water tastes so much better as the contaminants are removed

Water Filtration For Applicances

I have been using a water filter for a while and I really have to start singing its praises. My old kitchen appliances used to get covered in limescale and it was really difficult to get off, the previous kettle even died from limescale abuse. However, since filtering all the water I consume before boiling, drinking or cooking I have seriously cut down on the time spent removing limescale from my appliances.

When you live in a hard water area limescale can really take a toll on your appliances especially in the long term. Now that I've seen the benefits of using a filter I'm going to try and fit filtration systems to the rest of my water using appliances (washing machine, shower etc.) to cut down on limescale and improve their lifespan.


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    • Anjili profile image


      8 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      Hi Bobski606,

      Thanks for sharing these wonderful facts on water filtering prior to use. The negative effects such impurities have in our bodies have to be reduced if we have to live more healthy lives. Fluorosis also leaves our teeth looking bad especially when we know the effects of good smiles in our day-to-day activities. Good share. Voted up and useful.

    • Midasfx profile image


      9 years ago

      Ever since I bought a fridge with a water dispensor (filtered )and I have been hooked. It tastes so good and good for me. It does make a big difference. Enjoyed the hub, voted up.

    • cfin profile image


      9 years ago from The World we live in

      It makes a huge difference seeing as our bodies are made up, mostly of water.


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