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Mobile Travelling Espresso Machine - Buy the Best Handheld, Portable and Travel friendly Espresso Coffee Maker

Updated on October 17, 2011

To make a good espresso, you need pressure. The big machines used in cafes have a hot water tank and a pump to take care of it. Home versions are available, but expensive. However, it is difficult to carry these espresso machines when you travel, holiday or on a business trip. Presently, two main types of hand-held, portable, travel friendly espresso makers are available in the market. These are novel patented technologies. In this article, I like to introduce to you these two hand held, travel espresso machines. if you like them, I have also given the links from where you can order your espresso maker from Amazon.

Evolution of Espresso machines
Evolution of Espresso machines

My favorite travel espresso machine is the ' The Handpresso Wild'. It is small and handy and can easily travels with you on holiday, at weekends, on trips. You can enjoy the espresso inside or outside. This is an outstanding quality product obtained by a high-pressure extraction, a patented Handpresso system.  You can store them easily in a drawer or hung with the kitchenware. It requires no maintenance and guarantees a premium quality in every cup.

How to use 'Handpresso'

1. You pump the shaft a few times, just like a bike pump, to build up pressure. Pump up to 16 bar.

2. Fill the glass chamber with hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle.

3. Pop in a coffee pod, screw shut and invert

4. Pressing the button then releases the pressure and makes  a strong brew with a good, creamy crema.

Buy Handpresso from Amazon

Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set
Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

Buy the complete set for travel


It's all that easy! It costs around €100 ($150), and might just be worth it. Check the links above.

Mobile Espresso Machine - ' The Handpresso' - Video

How to use 'Twist' - Video


The second type is the 'Twist'

Twist doesnot require any external power. You just need to add fresh ground coffee or a pod, pour in some hot water and pull the trigger.  No pumping required, as the one mentioned above. It delivers the full 135 psi (9 bars) from small, standard gas cartridges.  You can use each cartridge for up to  8 shots and is fully recyclable.  The result is a beautiful clean coffee with a taste that makes the most of every bean.

You can also use your 'Twist' to create espresso for a delicious range of drinks and desserts from cappuccinos, mochas and lattes to affogatos, espressotinis and more.

Enjoy your espresso
Enjoy your espresso

I hope you have found your mobile espresso machine of your dreams. Both the espresso makers that I mentioned above are portable, hand-held and small enough to carry with you on holidays or business trips.


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