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DIY : Be Patriotic & Celebrate Summer Holidays with Americana Decor in Your Landscaping

Updated on June 16, 2011

Americana Decor

Display a patriotic display for the summer holidays
Display a patriotic display for the summer holidays | Source

Show off the Red White and Blue

Show your pride in America with a patriotic display outside for everyone to see. There are 3 patriotic holidays from May through Sept.

Starting with Memorial Day in may, then Independence Day on July 4th and wrapping up the patriotic holidays with Labor Day in September.

That means you have 3 opportunities to display your Red White and Blue!

If you happen to be a collector of Americana decor then you can easily make the transition from indoors to outside. The photo on the right is a collection of Americana items that are normally used in a room that has lots of antiques and Americana accessories. I decided to bring it outside for the July 4th date and display it under a tree in my front yard.

The display is started with a red wrought iron chair as the support. Then it is covered with an Americana throw, with a handcrafted start, an American sign, a bowl turned sideways, stacking boxes, and Raggedy Ann dolls.

A display like this is not weatherproof so make sure that you pay attention to the forecast before you move it out in an unprotected area. But this would also be perfect for a porch, patio or deck.

Add some historic touches

Use country style birdhouses with colorful flowers to make a Americana display
Use country style birdhouses with colorful flowers to make a Americana display | Source

Keep your petunias looking good all summer with these tips

More options

Of course the American decor items that you display outside can be items that are normally used outdoors such as American flags.

Why not mix it up a bit and do something different this year? With so many holidays to use the decorations, if you choose to you can make your display look different each time.

Some Suggestions include add some flowers to your landscape that are in the patriotic colors of red white and blue such as the photo shows. Petunias were used for this garden.

But go a step farther and add a touch of history to the mix with something old, such as a birdhouse made from antique barnwood. Signs with "I love the USA" or " Americana" painted on barnwood are perfect too.

Use patriotic planters as containers and create arrangements that grow more beautiful as the holidays progress. Put a small American flag in a container plant to bring attention to it.

Use colored pots in red, white and blue combined together in a collection of various sizes and styles filled with flowers in the same color scheme, such as in a blue pot, place white flowers, red pot use blue flowers, and in a white pot plant red flowers.

Throw in a Scrappy SIgn Sign hanging from a shepherds hook placed in a planter, painted in the same color scheme with something patriotic painted on it and you have a very charming country display.

You can even buy terra cot pots and paint them the colors yourself for that added crafty touch. Make the colors old blue, old red, antique white for more of a country style and looks aged.

Hang a wreath on the door. Do something different than just a round floral wreath. Get a grapevine wreath and add decorations to it yourself. Add red berries, a birds nest with a red or blue bird, some white flowers would show up good and make it a custom door decoration you will be proud to display.

Rearrange the look for each holiday and have fun with it. Take photos to save and share to remember how it looks so you will know what you want to change or add to your Americana Decor for the next time you use it.

Start planning is now, if you are going to use flowers they need to get started so they will be beautiful for the holidays.

Make a floral flag

Share Your Stories

Tell us what you have done before, or plan on doing this year for your summer holiday decorations. Share your comments or thoughts below. I hope this article has been useful and inspiring to get you started.


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    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      Thanks for the ideas. I feel inspired to paint something on my wood fence. Some design other than the plain ole wite wash that ole Huck Fin would have used. Any suggestions, as to the best stain, paint, what works best on old wood fence boards.

      Thanks for the inspiration. Mike

    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 5 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Hi Mike, If your fence has never been painted it can be stained. If it has been painted before, then I would suggest going with paint this time. Much less work than stripping the wood to remove old paint.

      Prep the wood first by cleaning it with a good cleanser, to clean off and dirt and mold, this makes the paint or stain adhere to the woood better. How to paint it Depends on the style of the fence, and its location, such as it a backyard that has a privacy fence or is in in your front yard. Look at the colors on your house, do you want to make the fence stand out or be subtle? A good exterior paint such as Valspar or Behr would be my recommendation if you choose to paint it. Minwax has good stain products. I would use a translucent if the fence is good condition and you want the grain to show through. Opeque looks solid like paint, it seems to peel off faster, in my experience using it on a deck. A fence would be vertical, so it would probably last better. Thanks for your comment, let me know what you decide.


    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Neat hub with cute displays. LOVE the Raggedy Ann idea so much.

      Would like to link this hub to my patriotic planter hub if you have no objection. Thanks much!

    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 5 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Please do, I linked to your article as a reference in this hub! Great job on yours patriotic planter ideas too.

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 5 years ago from Midwest USA

      Thanks Freda for the insights. The fence is four years old and has never been stained or painted. I purchased it from lowes with the intentions of staining it the same color as the trim on the house. Not sure if that is a good idea however, the trim is a pail yellow. the house is a orangest red brick with light blue front door and window shutters.

      The fence in question is on each side of the house even with the back of the house. Six foot tall, and about thrity feet long then makes a corner where it borders the backyard and vegetable garden.

      With all the different colors I do not know which color is best...

      Thanks for the help. Mike

    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 5 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Hi Mike,

      Since the fence has never been stained or painted I would stain it. You can always paint it later if you want a change. I suggest choosing a stain that picks up on the tones in the brick. Cedar is a nice color choice. I would not make it to dark. Keep in mind that stain gets darker with each coat. One coat should take care of it. Do a test area first to know. They make stains that offers 1 coat coverage that is both stain and poly.

      An Idea for choosing the right color is-

      Take a good picture of the brick, up close with a cell phone or camera, then go to your favorite home and garden shop or paint store, and look at the charts and compare them to your brick. Or bring home samples of the colors that are available, they have charts available in the stores for this. Thanks so much for yur comments, let me know how it goes!

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 5 years ago from Midwest USA

      Thanks freda for the helpful suggestions, I will let you know how it turns out. Mike

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks kindly, RM. Looking forward to more of your work.

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