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Interior Deco Themes With a Historical Background

Updated on May 31, 2011
Curtains for every home
Curtains for every home | Source

Sounds crazy but the fact is that a lot of interior themes today use history to enhance the beauty of modern interiors. Today my attempt is to compile this method of using history in interior themes into an informative piece for my readers.


This style is characteristic of an early stage of development, crude and rudimentary. Decorative items in this style would include old wooden hay rakes, antique handmade rag dolls, and any other handcrafted antique items.


It depicts a class of pieces a little higher than primitive. Items such as antique cotton quilts, Hoosier cupboards, stoneware bowls, enamelware and wooden dovetailed boxes are used in this theme. Being natural products, wood and cotton fabrics prevail heavily in Country Decorating.

French County

French County interiors are all about yellows, blues, rooster collections, tiles on the floor and walls. When applied to interior design this generally means a mix between an elegantly modern and a completely rustic look. Faded or whitewashed wood, blue, pink and yellow small prints and flowered fabrics, sunflowers in a drip-ware pitcher are some of the things you can use to get a French county look for your interiors.

Cottage Country

The cottage county look is achieved by the usage of pastel colors such as mauve, pinks, pale greens, peaches and blues in a floral or fruit patterned fabrics. Painted wicker, flowers and herbs are extensively used. Just take your mind back to your last visit to the countryside, and you have your interiors taking shape already!


Extensive use of bold and bright patterns with a light colored background would count as a contemporary design. You can use neutral coloring for walls and furniture with bright splashes of color in the accessories.

Colors included should be such as fushia, deep purple and teals.

Abstracts and vinyl are part of contemporary decor.


This is a style that most people use for its convenience and unique flavor. It is a combination of many styles, so you can use the best of what you like. Just choose your favorite pieces to combine into a style with your own distinct stamp all over it.

Pick the best furnishings you like and set up something unique only to your home.

Art Deco

Designs of the 20's, 30's and early 40's are used in the Art Deco interior design form. In this style lines were elegant, streamlined and angular. Vibrant colors were predominant. Neon, chrome and other metal furnishings, Bakelite plastics and inlayed furniture in particular are popular with those who propagate the Art Deco style of interior designing.


Rustic is all about the log cabin type decor. Made from tree branches and trunks, rustic furniture in particular is very popular, especially with those who have lots of space to play around with. Rustic furniture tends to be large in size and so will look out of place in a small apartment.

Red, green and black should be displayed in plaids with this look. Bear skin rugs, antique snow shoes hanging on the wall, as well as other old woodsman tools and oil lamps are predominant.

Join us again in the next article in this series to learn about other interior design ideas like the Whimsical, Mediterranean, Oriental, Spanish and so on!

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