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10 Bathroom Ideas to Turn your Shower Room Exciting.

Updated on August 16, 2017
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Joseph is an information technology enthusiast with interest in medical engineering and science disciplines.


Laying out a bathroom is often a big challenge for many people. You'll agree that balancing the floor appearance, the walls and shower heads is no mean work. Yet, as a home owner, your should lay great emphasis on appearance and convenience of your shower area as it'll be your relaxation area after a hard day's work.

Here are plumbing points and shower trays that could your shower area welcoming.

Tips to Make your Bathroom Uniquely Exciting

1. Add big mirrors on the walls.

A framed mirror makes your bathroom look expensive and more attractive. Using wood molds makes the space even more enticing. The mirrors also make the shower intimate.

2. Uniquely lighting system.

Lighting serves many functions in a bathroom. These include safety, creating a welcoming environment and basically making the space attractive. But you can use the lighting to create an enticing aura.

3. Add cabinets and shelves.

Carrying the toiletries and whatever you require you are to take a shower can be a turn off to some people. That's why cabinet and shelves comes in handy as you can put some of the things in there. The cabinets should with the overall theme of the place and shouldn't much space either.

4. Make use of accent walls.

Basically, an accent wall bears elements and themes that are different from the other spaces. This creates a distinctively unique surroundings and can be ideal for a bathroom. You can, for instance, have a different color shade or element installation on the walls to make it outstanding.

5. Use rags to add some colors.

6. Bring in some plants

7. Paint up your boring ceiling

8. Use tiles with bold patterns

9. Vintage fixtures for shower heads

10. Add a massage element

With installation of a massage element, you can turn this private room into a soothing sanctuary to help de-stress and relax. Bring in some scented elements and some fluffy bath rugs to make your stepping as comfortable as possible.

Bonus tips

It's important to work with what is easily available. On the same note, seek the services of professionals to guide you through the settings of your bathroom to ensure the final product is what you actually was aiming for.


Make your bathroom your space. It doesn't matter the resources you, but with some creativity, you can create and inviting and exciting space for your bathroom.


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