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10 Cool and Unusual Beds

Updated on April 30, 2013

1. Birds Nest Bed

This cosy roost was originally created by designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr as part of the Green Garden Exhibition.

The nest measures a huge 4.5 meters in diameter, which could potentially hold up to 16 small children!

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

This genius idea was created by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenars, or you can call him Jay if you like.

The magnetic bed has enough magnets to hold up to 900 kilograms in weight that’s the same as a small car! Plus the bed has four cables attached to the four corners securing it to the floor, to stop you from floating off.
Oh, did I forget to mention that it’ll set you back just over $1.5 million, making it a rather expensive night’s sleep.

3. The Hamburger Bed (Strictly Non-Edible)

This delicious looking bed, inspired by the traditional American whopper, comes complete with cucumber and tomato cushions, topped with a delicious sesame seed duvet. Not one that I recommend to those of us who enjoy the occasional midnight snack.

4. The Long Bed

I could imagine that this next bed is the outcome of some sort of art exhibition, or a look into the bedroom of the world’s tallest man. Either way it does look pretty cool. (Back pain included)

5. Molecular Bed

This bed’s unusual structure, designed by Animi Causa is made up of over 100 soft sofa balls connected by elastic fibres, allowing you to create and shape multiple forms.

6. The Coffin Bed

The ‘Casket Furniture Company’ has kindly designed a bed for those who want to know what it’s like to sleep in a coffin for the night. With a price tag of just over $3,000 you are also able to request locks and latches at an added cost, disturbingly. *shudder*

7. Private Cloud – The Rocking Bed

This next creation is summed up in the title really, the Private Cloud designed by Manuel Kloker this unique design enables the bed to rock back and forth like a an old fashioned rocking chair.

8. Dino Bed

If your child is a keen dinosaur expert, Jurassic Park lover or you just haven’t grown up yet. Then why not bring the enjoyment to their bedroom with this Dinosaur Bed! Its bottom jaw even doubles up as a bed and toy box. Just remember to attach the top half to the roof to prevent from being dinner!

9. Bed Shark

Or if your kids aren’t that into over grown, man eating beasts then they may prefer the Jaw’s inspired Shark bed! Oh, err, wait a minute.

10. Single To Double In Seconds

This impressive, extremely practical design was down to the genius of Swedish designer Marcia Hanvey. The modular bed allows you to instantly split your double bed into a single in a matter of seconds. Since the headboard also includes a useful storage space it makes it ideal for children’s rooms and guest houses.


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    • pringoooals profile image

      Karina 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      Wow, this is fantastic, I mean the coffin bed is a little bit freaky, but some of them would definitely do to my bedroom. People sometimes have really cool ideas even for such a thing like bed. Thanks for sharing! Voted up!

    • Jeani Nugent profile image

      Jeani Nugent 5 years ago from Cumberland, Wisconsin

      Live this hub! I am always jealous when people can come up with such random and COOL things to write about. How did you come up with this? Were you lucky enough to see one of these? With the exception of the coffin and "monster" beds I could so imagine spending a day in any of them! Voted up!