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10 Different Ways to Incorporate Magenta into your Home Décor

Updated on February 21, 2011

Magenta is a really bold color. It’s bright and dramatic. It’s a fun color that adds a lot of pep and bounce to a space. It’s also a lot more versatile than many people think. It can be used for floral design or exotic ethnic décor or sleek modern style. It all depends on how you choose to add it to your space and what you choose to pair it with.

Here are ten different ways that magenta can be added to your home to assist you in understanding what different effects can be achieved based on your choices with this color:

1.     Add magenta to an all white space. A space that is done completely in white is striking. It’s impressive. It’s unforgettable. But add in a dose of magenta and you’ve really got something different that takes that white room to a whole new level. Whether it’s a magenta area rug in an otherwise white room or a set of magenta furniture or just a magenta vase, the item done in the bold color will immediately become a statement piece in a room already worth talking about.

2.     Artwork is a great way to start playing with magenta. Colors can be easily added to any space when they are framed elegantly and hung in a chic style. If you’re intimidated by the use of magenta coloring in a room then this is a good way to start. You can look specifically for artwork that is done in magenta. Alternatively, you could look for fabrics in magenta and use those fabrics to create your own framed artwork. You may choose a large piece of art for a really bold look or several smaller matching pieces to introduce this color in a less dramatic manner.

3.     Be sparing when using magenta on your walls. It is definitely possible to use magenta to paint your walls or to get wallpaper with a magenta design. If you are really bold and know for sure that this is what you want to do then go for it. Most people, however, will find that a more sparing approach to magenta on the walls makes more sense. Wallpaper that has only a touch of magenta is a great option as is the use of magenta on a single accent wall.

4.     Combine magenta with bright yellows and oranges for an exotic look. This is a really great way to make a beautiful statement in the home. Think bold flowers and an island feeling. Consider adding live plants to the room (even magenta flowers if you like) to really enhance the feeling that you’re living in a lush garden space. To get the same effect in a more chic way, use solid colors. For example, a bold yellow couch with magenta and orange pillows has the same feeling without being overdone.

5.     Little girls love magenta. This bright color is a really fun one to play with in a little girl’s room. In fact, girls of any age can really enjoy the pretty playfulness of magenta. If you’re interested in magenta bedding then the easiest place to make it work in terms of home design is in a girl’s room. Magenta throw pillows, magenta area rugs and magenta lamps are all other options for a girl’s room. You may want to think “princess” when you are putting together a younger girl’s room whereas you may want to incorporate some of the other style tips in this article to make magenta a bit more grown up for a teenage girl.

6.     Look for magenta in a floral pattern that you select for your space. Floral designs are popular for many different types of homes. However, they can look dated if you aren’t careful. When you choose a floral design that has a bright color like magenta worked into it, you add that flirty fun of springtime without dating the space that you’re decorating.

7.     Magenta can be added to a home in a noncommittal way through the use of accessories. Magenta throw pillows are a great example of this option.

8.     Magenta paired with dark wood is a striking combination. Occasionally you can actually find furniture pieces that are already made this way. For example, a wooden table with a magenta top on it would be a great item. However, what is more common is for people to select their own dark wooden furniture and then add magenta items to the same space in the form of upholstery and accessories. The wood softens the boldness of the magenta and makes it more elegant.

9.     Pair bright magenta with a black and white color scheme. Black and white is a terrific color pair for creating a really contemporary look in your home. You can choose geometric patterns, floral graphics, stripes or even a zebra pattern to make the black and white design bolder on its own. When you introduce magenta into the mix, you add even more bold fun. This color choice adds some cheeky pop to the black and white color scheme without taking away from the modern look of the space.

10. Put together a vignette of magenta décor. A vignette is a great way to put together various items that are in the same color family but don’t necessarily go together anywhere else in the house. It’s really fun shopping for a vignette set because you can look through modern stores as well as thrift stores and also in your own collection of stuff to find the right items. Seek out magenta candlestick holders, vases, postcards, artworks, scarves and fabric to add to your vignette. The vignette may be placed on a fireplace mantle, a dresser or a countertop.


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  • gajanis786 profile image

    gajanis786 7 years ago

    Very nice fact I have also tried light green/lime green with Magenta for my kids room and it looked good.Thanks.

  • healthymiss profile image

    healthymiss 7 years ago from Las Vegas

    Oooh. Hadn't thought to use Magenta for fear it would be too girly for my husband, but throw pillows and accents would really add new life to a space. And I don't think my husband would be sick...hehe:)

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for pointing this unusual collour out to us.

  • Ruchira profile image

    Ruchira 7 years ago from United States

    Interesting Read Kathryn :)

    Using of Magenta in your décor gives an insight into one's personality as being BOLD and Beautiful :)

    I once bought a GREEN couch for my family room and it was an interesting display of reactions from all ;)