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10 Reasons Coffee Pods are So Popular

Updated on May 17, 2014
Coffee pods are easy to use and they make delicious caffeinated (or not!) beverages.
Coffee pods are easy to use and they make delicious caffeinated (or not!) beverages. | Source

Pod coffee machines use capsules that contain enough perfectly grounded coffee for making one cup of coffee. These machines have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. The convenience and simplicity are just two of the reasons.

They Keep Coffee Fresh
The containers are sealed hermetically, which means that the coffee inside remains fresh for a longer period. Traditional coffee storage will sooner or later result in the loss of scent and taste. The coffee pod can be used within six months of purchase and the coffee’s freshness is guaranteed.


Nine Other Reasons for the Popularity of Coffee Pods

Easy Cleaning Without Spillage
All of the coffee is contained inside a small, sealed container. This container simplifies the cleaning process since filters and loose coffee aren't used. After being used, the pod will simply have to be discarded. This simplicity also means that no coffee will be wasted.

Very Easy to Make Coffee
Even untrained individuals find it very easy to make coffee this way. People that lack barista training will get to make delicious cups of coffee each time. The process requires just a couple of seconds – a pod is placed in the machine and a button pressed.

No Need to Have a Coffee Grinder
The prepackaged coffee is perfectly grounded. Restaurants and coffee shops will no longer have to purchase a coffee grinder and go through the entire process. The coffee pod is ready to use.

Many Options
Do you like espresso? Cappuccino? Hot chocolate? Latte? These are just some of the possibilities that come with these little coffee capsules. Each manufacturer has a range of pods used with particular machines to provide a wide range of delicious drinks.

Coffee pods provide convenience. You can make a quick and easy cup of coffee in the morning, even if you have to hurry up and get ready for work. No waste of coffee and a range of discount options available mean that coffee pods give good value for money. Many manufacturers schedule occasional discount campaigns to attract new customers and advertise their products.

Small Size of the Machine
The fact that the machine uses individually prepackaged pots means that the coffee maker itself is quite small. Such a machine can easily fit in a tiny kitchen, in a small office or in a fully-equipped café.

Can be Used Anywhere
A coffee maker that uses pods can be used anywhere. It is great for professional usage in cafés and restaurants. Many companies have also invested in such machines because they are simple to use and great for the office or the conference room. Finally, a coffee maker that uses capsules is perfect for household use because of its simplicity and the high quality of the drinks.

Get the Health Benefits of Coffee
Coffee is actually quite beneficial. Many coffee capsule varieties contain high quality coffee. Researchers have found out that people who drink coffee on a regular basis are less likely to develop liver cancer or diabetes than the people who avoid the beverage. Coffee boosts energy levels, improves physical performance and can even be used to lose weight.

Coffee capsules provide diversity, simplicity and convenience. Whether you want to try gourmet beverages, strong espresso or fine tea, the machine using pods is the right one for you. All of these benefits have boosted the popularity of coffee pods and increased their market share while the sales of roasted coffee registered significant drop in the past years.



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