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10 Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Updated on August 1, 2016
House roof.
House roof.


No doubt, roof plays an essential role in protecting our home from superfluous elements that may harm our family, which is why it is vital to pick a high caliber roof made from the finest materials. Typically, roofs have their own lifespan and therefore require replacement after a couple of decades. This is to prevent unnecessary things to happen had catastrophes occurred.

But how can we know if we need to replace our roof? If you are unsure if you need a new one, take heed of these 10 signs that show you that you already need to have your roof replaced.

1. The shingles are lifted and are starting to curl.

When you look at your roof, you see that the edges of the roof are starting to curl. A sure sign that your roof is already old and tired, that’s when you know that you need roof replacement.

2. It has tab adhesion problems.

Another problem, as the shingles age, is that it loses the adhesion of the tab, making it so easy to lift the shingles up, further making it more vulnerable during windstorms. When the wind breaks off, the water easily enters through the nail holes that are exposed underneath. This might result to leakage.

3. A larger part of your roof gets rotten and rotten.

Due to the debris falling off the trees or tree branches rubbing across the roof, the affected area becomes prone to deterioration. The tree debris on your roof rots, and when it rots it becomes acidic. Not only does it damage the shingles, it likewise ages and degrades that part of the roof faster than the other areas. Sometimes, a roof repair is enough to fix the problem, but many times, a complete replacement is demanded.

4. An overwhelming amount of shingles is cracked.

Cracked shingles are usually a result of wind damage. Shingle replacement is an adequate action when just a few ones are cracked, but if the cracking isn’t centred on a specific area and is widespread throughout the roof, then a total roof replacement is advisable.

5. You notice more and more granules in your gutter or shingles on the ground.

When you notice granules in your gutter or on the ground, that’s a telltale sign that you need roof replacement. All those granules are actually the ones protecting the shingles from damaging UV rays. Once those are removed, usually due to aging, the sun would be able to penetrate your roof, causing your home’s temperature to go up, resulting further to a negative impact on your loved ones’ health. Surely, this calls for a roof replacement.

6. It has spaced sheathing.

If you assess your attic and see that is has a spaced sheathing, it only means that your roof does not have a solid decking nor a solid plywood covering it. The plywood covers serve as a water barrier, with a roof that has a spaced sheathing, this might cause water leakages to your home.

7. You notice a mold growth on your roof deck.

Provided that the molds are merely cosmetic ones, then a roof replacement is not needed, as it can simply be washed and scraped away. But if the molds are allergenic and toxic, and also if the area is unreachable, then it would be necessary to remove a portion of the roofing. Sometimes, washing and scraping it away might just cause its granules to tear off, which as manifested previously, would only cause more disadvantages than advantages.

8. You see outside light showing through the roof.

If you are in the attic and you see a light passing through the roof boards, then a roof replacement is needed. Much like tab adhesion problems, this is also an indication of a budding water leakage.

9. You see discolored, deformed, and stained shingles.

Discolored, deformed, and stained shingles are all a manifestation of roofs getting past their life span. If in the case of the humans, getting past a life span is a good news, in the case of the roofs, it’s an omen that you need to find a new roof already.

10. Your roof sags.

More often than not, a sagging roof is a manifestation of a structural mishap. The issue lies in the decking, or worse, in the foundation. Now, a small part of the roof sagging is less of a problem, but a progressed one is not something you can just easily dismiss, as it might lead to your roof collapsing. What better can aid this, but a roof replacement from the experts like the roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


So, knowing the 10 major signs, do you think you need a new roof for your house? Whatever your decision is, it is always important to maintain your roofing. This is, of course, not just because it can increase the property's market value, but because it is one of the most critical foundations. A house is not a house without a roof, remember?


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