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10 Tips for Bringing a Pool Table into your Home

Updated on February 9, 2011

A pool table can be a really terrific addition to your home. It is a great item that can really bring the family together around a regular, fun activity. Instead of going out, teenage kids will want to have their friends over to play pool. Instead of watching TV together in silence, the family can chat over a game of pool. However, adding a pool table to the home is no small feat. It requires a rather sizeable investment. It also requires a decent amount of space

Here are ten tips that can help you out if you want to bring a pool table into your home:

1.     Find a space for the pool table. The biggest problem that most people have when they try to bring a pool table home is that they rapidly learn that there is nowhere to put this monstrous item. Pool tables are really large. And it’s not just the size of the pool table itself that you have to take into consideration. You also have to make sure that you have enough room all the way around the pool table to be able to hold and shoot a pool stick. Make sure that you have a place in mind for the pool table before you make the purchase. Top choices include large living rooms, basements and extra converted rooms like a converted garage. If you don’t have a space large enough for a regular sized pool table then you should look into getting a miniature or tabletop pool table instead.

2.     Buy a used pool table to save money. Pool tables are a big investment. They can cost thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money to spend on one item in your home even though it will last a long time to come. The best way to reduce the cost of a pool table is to buy a used pool table. Many people buy pool tables and then decide not to use them (often because they didn’t realize that the pool table would take up so much space in the home) so they have pool tables that are high quality and yet are selling them at a low price. Shop around to find a good used pool table.

3.     Consider the design of your pool table. This large item is going to be a statement piece in your home that everyone will have their eyes on when they enter the room its in. For that reason, you’ll probably want to select a pool table design that you find aesthetically appealing. The traditional green pool table with a dark wooden exterior is common, of course, but you can also choose a lighter color wood or even get a black and white pool table instead of the old-fashioned design. Your choices may be limited if you’re shopping around for a used pool table but keep an eye out to find a design that you do like.

4.     Add pool table décor in the space around the pool table. You can improve the design appeal of the room that the pool table is in by adding some related décor in the space around the pool table. Of course, a rack to hold your pool sticks will be necessary but pool table art and other “unnecessary” items are also a great addition to the room that has a new pool table in it.

5.     Be smart about adding seating around your pool table. There are two basic options that you have when adding seating to a room with a pool table in it. The first is to make the pool table the sole focus of the room and to have seating around the perimeter of the room, facing the pool table. The second is to have a separate seating area facing away from the pool table so that people who are involved in the game and people involved in a separate conversation can feel like they each have their own space. The latter is good for large rooms as well as for homes where teens may want to play pool without total interference from their parents!

6.     Make sure that you have great lighting in the room. You’ll want overhead task lighting as well as total room lighting for a room where you’ll be playing pool.

7.     Establish a few clear rules around the use of the pool table in your home. For example, many families make it a rule that you can’t eat near the pool table. That’s because food spills can rapidly damage this pricey item. Rules about when the pool table can be used (such as only after homework has been done) and how to decide who gets to go first in a game are also common rules that families may put in place when they first get a pool table.

8.     Consider adding a bar or snack bar to the space where the pool table is located. If you’re living in an adults-only home and will be entertaining folks your own age then you might want to add a mini-fridge or even a full bar to your pool table room. If you’re sharing the space with kids then you may want to consider more of a snack bar in the space (although do consider implementing a rule about how close to the pool table food and drinks are allowed to be placed)

9.     Start a pool table party night. The best thing about having a pool table in your home is that it is a great gathering place for your loved ones. One great way to take advantage of this is to start a regular pool table night in your home. This may be just for the family – such as spending every Thursday night together playing a game of pool. Alternatively, it may be a bigger event – such as hosting Sunday dinners with your friends and extended family and allowing everyone to play pool together while they’re there. Do what works for you.

10. Make cleaning the pool table a regular on your chore list. A pool table should be kept clean. The surface should be free of crumbs. The wood should be taken care of properly with the right cleaners. You should add this to your regular chore list when you bring a pool table into your home.

What else would you recommend to someone getting a pool table for the first time?


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    7 years ago from London, UK

    My son would love to have one but the real thing and that takes and needs a lot of space.


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