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10 Tips on How to Cool down your Apartment

Updated on January 10, 2012

What is the best way to cool down your apartment in the middle of summer? Well, depending on the features, floor plan and types of windows it may be difficult to keep your apartment at a cool temperature. Many resort to the value of their central air conditioning unit on a daily basis only to be hit with a tremendous energy bills every month. That is one way to cool the apartment, but if you are like me money does not grow on trees. So, I have come up with a list of 10 solid ways you can keep your apartment cooler during the summer.

1. Open Your Windows

During the summer, most of the hot air will start to rise by mid morning. So, many people all over the country usually have cooler nights and early mornings to open their windows. This allows the cold air into the apartment without having to run the Air conditioner. I bought ann inside/outside thermometer to help me know when the temperature goes down a couple of degrees from the temperature inside. This lets me know it’s an excellent time to open the windows in my house.

1.Turn ON ceiling fans

We all know that hot air rises. When the fan is on during the summer months you need to make sure the blades are pushing the hot air up and cooler air down. Now this will not necessarily make it cooler in your apartment, but with a little bit of a breeze, it will defiantly give that impression. There is very rarely a time when I am at home that my fans are not consistently running. It is extremely minimal power to keep fans running all day, so your bills would only be a few cents higher. But, in comparison to what your bills would be with the ac running all day it’s a small price.

2. Put In an Attic Fan

If, you live in a home or condo and have an attic. This can be an excellent place to cool down your house. Since, the attic is where insulation goes and most of the hot air that is in your house getting a small fan to be placed at the entrance blowing out that cold air from the hot, humid attic.

3.Shut the Blinds

Another way to keep the heat out of the home is to have a complete set of blinds. A decent set of blinds can keep the home cool by keeping the Ultraviolet light from entering your home. This is the main cause of heat in most households. Keeping the blinds closed is an excellent way to help keep your cold air in and the hot air out.

4.Install a Programmable Thermostat

If, you can talk your landlord into it then a digital thermostat can help in savings on your energy bill and give you more accurate room temperatures. It increases the accuracy of the thermometer and temperatures being set

5. Turn Up The Thermostat A Degree Or Two

Another way to save some money, put will make it just a tad warmer is to increase your thermostat degree by one or two notches. Most thermostats will save the greatest amount of money at 76 degrees, but it may be too warm for you and following the above tips will significantly decrease your energy bills.

6. Close Unused Vents

If, you live in a large house with rooms that you do not go it on a regular basis it may be worthwhile to close the heating/cooling vents in them. This will help the rooms that you are using be that much cooler quicker without having to decrease the whole home. The air conditioner does not have to work hard to get the rooms with the vents open cooler, so you also save that much more on energy bills.

7.Turn off the Lights

Another way to keep a home cooler is turning off unneeded lights. Since, light bulbs generate heat it can quickly heat up a small area in a room. If, it is one you are in it can cause the room temperature to feel warmer. There are also light bulbs that are decent that are being sold on the market that do not generate that much heat.

8. Turn off unused electronics

TTurning off the TV and other electronic items when they are not being used will keep your room cooler. It also again will save you on electricity because this device are not being used while running all the time.

9. Leave Laundry until Nighttime

One of the biggest culprits of heat generator a home is the dryer. If, you can always wait until the night time, to do your laundry this will prevent this monster heat generator from giving off too much heat. Most of the heat is vented outside during the process, but a lot of it will come off the dryer into the house.


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  • Dale Hyde profile image

    Dale Hyde 6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Great tips! I have employed several of these myself, and now have new ideas! Here in the Gulf Coast area of Texas, I guarantee you we are always looking for ways to cool our apartment without increasing the overwhelming electric bill!