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10 Tips for Proper Caring of the Flooring

Updated on December 26, 2016

Good flooring is the key if you want a good look for your home. Hence it is important that you take good care of your flooring. Proper care for flooring extends the life and keeps it beautiful.

  1. If your marble has lost lustre you can use hydrogen peroxide or bleach it to return it to its true colour. You can also use polishing powder along with a buffiing machine that will return that shine.
  2. The most popular way of maintaining the flooring is through placing floor mats at the entrances of each room. Make sure these mats are of good quality and absorb all dirt when a dirty foot is wiped on them.
  3. You can get rid of the regular spills and messes by using pH balanced cleaners and soapless detergents. Mild dishwashing liquid can also work well with stone surfaces.
  4. Avoid acidic cleaners, vinegar and other abrasives. The lustre may be lost due to this.
  5. Spraying shaving creams on stains also helps removing them.
  6. If you have a coffee table that is made of marble then clean it up by using a solution of baking soda (three spoons) and warm water (1litre). Dip a soft cloth into the solution and then wipe all over. Allow to dry for a couple of hours and then wipe.
  7. For quick shine, take a child's white chalk and crush it into the powder. Then take the damp cloth and dip it into the powder and then rub it on the flooring.
  8. Floors get scratched easily from the sharp edges of the furniture. Protect your flooring from getting damaged by placing a rug or carpet underneath them. If this isn't possible then put pads between them.
  9. Marble floors look great after being damp-mopped using either clear water, an all-purpose cleaning solution in warm water, or a mixture of 1 cup fabric softener and 1/4 bucket water.
  10. Keeping marble floors clean means spending time evaluating on your particular floor and finding suitable products.


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