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10 Tips to Keep Dust Under Control – Spring Cleaning Time

Updated on December 29, 2017
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Dust. What can you say!

Dust, Some people do not like the word. That pesky stuff that seems to always appear no matter what you do to try to get rid of it. As soon as you finish doing you’re cleaning it just magically starts to reappear.

If you have any animals like cats or dogs you are adding to the build up of dust. First the animals dry skin and then there is the hair from the animal. You can brush your animals often and it will help somewhat but there will always be hair from them on the floor furniture and everywhere else. Their hair accumulates on the floor with the dust, have you seen that?

Tips 1 to 10


Tip #1 – Brush your animals often (more than once a week) and do it outside if and when possible.

Tip #2 – If you live in a climate where you need a furnace you need to clean or change your furnace filters often. I used to change my filter at the start of every season but started to change them every 1 to 2 months just using the economy filters and it really does make a difference.


Tip #3 – If you have a newer home you most likely have an air exchanger. An air exchanger takes fresh air from outside and exchanges it with some of the air in your home. This way you don’t have to open windows to get fresh air. There are filters in your air exchanger and I would clean them out every month. It doesn’t take very long to do.

Tip #4 – You can purchase filters to put on the inside of your vent covers in your home. This way you are catching some of the dust and whatever else is floating in the air before it enters your duct work. These filters also come scented so when the air is blown threw them the fragrance will distribute throughout your home. I have tried them and they smell great but unfortunately the scent does not seem to last very long.

Tip #5 – One of the most important tips I can suggest is have your duct work cleaned out every few years. If you haven’t had them done in the last few years then get on it. Dust, hair and whatever else that will float gets caught and builds up inside your duct work.


Tip #6 – Portable air filters/purifier. They come in a wide variety of types of filters and price ranges. I highly recommend trying one of these especially if you have any type of seasonal or pet allergies. The type you should check into is the HEPA filter ones. They will also help to keep odours under control. You can get portable air purifiers that will clean the air in small rooms and ones that will clean very large rooms.  You can find great deals online for these units.

Tip #7 – some times the best way to fight dust is to have furniture that does not show it as well. If you pick a black leather couch well guess what? You will see dust, animal hair, dead skin and all kinds of stuff on your lovely black leather couch. How about glass tables of any kind, just not a good idea unless you want to be dusting every day or don’t mind ignoring the dust building up on your tables.


Tip #8 – How about dusting a few times a week. Dust thoroughly once a week when you are off work for a couple days and during the week dust a couple of times spread out throughout the week. There a few different tools or ways to dust. You can use a cloth with a Windex or use a paper towel with the Windex. There are special dusting clothes that you can use alone without any liquid. The cloth is made to pick up the dust on its own. You can use a feather duster but then you are not really picking up the dust you are just moving it off one surface onto the floor or wherever it ends up floating to.

Tip #9 – Vacuum at least once a week, More if you have the time. You can also use your vacuum to dust off the top of baseboards doorways and the tops of window casings etc as dust builds up there and some people never think of cleaning those spots.

Tip #10 – Look for places to dust that you wouldn’t normally think of like plants or blinds. Wash curtains once in a while. Wipe off the top of Kitchen Cabinets, I am talking about your upper cabinets. If you really look around you will find somewhere you never thought of or possibly just ignore.

Last Thoughts

Be proactive instead of waiting for the dust to build up. When you wait for a build up it never seems like you really get your place as dust free as you would like.

It is your home and you should be able to enjoy your environment without dust particles and allergens causing you to sneeze.

Remember though in your quest for a dust free zone. You will never totally get rid of dust and it is an on going battle so don’t let it get you down or annoy you. Dust is a part of our lives. Just do the best you can and leave it at that.

If you have any suggestions for ways to help keep your home as dust free as possible please leave a comment and I will update this article with any more useful suggestions.

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One of your tools to help battle dust
One of your tools to help battle dust

© 2010 Grant Handford


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