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15 Diy Ways to Personalize Your Room

Updated on August 5, 2018

How can I really make my room into my own?

If there's one thing I love, it's organizing and redecorating my room! Sometimes I just need a change, and I absolutely love making things for my room! I spend most of my time in my room, and I want to enjoy that time as much as possible. Your room should represent you. It should be like your bio. It should describe who you are and what you're into! Here are 15 ways to personalize your room and make it scream you.

15. Declutter and organize!

First things first, make sure everything is organized. Cleaning up is one of the best ways to make your space feel more like yours. Your room being messy can give you a whole lot of unnecessary anxiety. Make sure your space is clean, open, and well, spacious.

14. Keep a theme.

Pick a theme, any theme! Pick some colors and designs and try to get everything in your room to match whatever theme you choose. I don't personally like having twenty different colors in my room, I like to have two at a time, but if you're into having several crazy colors in your room, that could be your theme! Do whatever you like if you're allowed!

13. Put your name on the wall.

There's nothing that screams you like your name! Put your name on the wall with paint or fairy lights or maybe put Polaroid pictures on the wall in the shape of your name! If you don't wanna do your name, do a word that represents you.

12. Make everything yourself.

Whether you're good at doing DIYs or not, making your decorations yourself will make the room a lot more personal, and you'll feel proud knowing that you created what you have in your room. You'll also have the comfort of knowing that no one else will have it!

11. Grab some washi tape.

Washi tape could be used to decorate practically anything. Your wall, your dresser, your bookshelf, your table. You could even put it on your keyboard or your phone case. Whatever you choose to do with it, it'll probably look really cool!

10. Grab some crystal stickers.

I am in love with all things gold and all things diamond, so when I found out about diamond sticker paper, I nearly lost my mind! If you like to be a little extra and you're into super glam, super fancy looking things, I definitely recommend buying diamond sticker paper and some E6000 glue. You can decorate your door, your closet, your mirror, your shelves and more in no time with it and it'll make your whole room look super fancy. People will think you're rich when really, you just spent three dollars on a roll of diamond stickers!

Also, faux fur. Faux fur looks glamorous, always!

9. Create your own scent.

I always want my room to smell good because it really calms me down and makes me feel like the room is clean. If you like candles, try buying two or three with different scents and lighting them at the same time. If you like how they smell, always stock up on those candles to keep your signature smell, which your friends and family will associate with your room! If you don't like the smell, keep trying until you find the right combination!

8. Get something weird.

Make or buy some weird decor that literally no one else would ever think to have in their bedroom. If you're into odd things, that's great! Your room will be a lot different than anyone else's!

7. Make your room into a movie theater.

How many people can honestly say that their room is a movie theater? Not many. Hang your TV up and maybe even buy a projector! Keep a huge shelf of movies!

If you don't want a movie theater as a room, make your room into a game room with tons of video games and consoles, or a library with tons of books scattered everywhere (in an aesthetic way of course)

If you're into vintage items, you could even turn your room into a different time period. I bought a disco ball and hung it over my bed once, so whenever I felt like listening to music and pretending I was in the 70s, I did! You could buy a pastel-colored typewriter, an old phone, a Polaroid camera, or a record player to sit on a shelf in your room and it'd be super cute!

Think outside of the box and your room will be so cool!

6. Make a nook.

Sometimes I just get tired of sitting on my bed or at my desk. When that happens, I like to sit in my little nook, which has tons of pillows and blankets! If you have a walk-in closet, you could make it in there! Your nook should be a small and personalized space where you feel totally at peace!

5. Make a dream board.

Dream boards are so fun to make and they really personalize your room! You could hang it on your wall, your mirror, or even on your ceiling! I love to make dream boards on New Year's Eve, or occasionally, sometime before going back to school.

4. Make a mood board.

Again, these can make your room incredibly personalized! They're fun to look at and fun to make! You could even have a journal dedicated entirely to mood boards!

3. Have a shelf dedicated to things you love.

Bobbleheads? Vintage items? Cars? Magazines? Coke bottles? Flowers? Whatever you love, make a shelf dedicated to it and your room will instantly be personalized.

2. Make a memory box.

Memory boxes are so fun! You could put it on your dresser, on a shelf, in your closet, or even just under your bed and you can pull it out whenever you want to look inside it. Fill it up with pictures, tickets, report cards, letters, or whatever else you might want to remember. You can decorate the box so it matches your room's theme!

1. Make a snack box.

Not many people seem to have snack boxes in their room. Imagine a big box filled with snacks, whether it's candy, chips, baked goods, or healthy snacks that you made at home just sitting in your room. Your friends will certainly love coming over!


There's an endless amount of ways for you to personalize your room, and I definitely think that you should! Thanks for reading!


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