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15 Themes You Should Definitely Consider Next Time You Decorate

Updated on August 6, 2018

I'm in desperate need of a theme change but I have no idea what my next theme should be. How should I decorate my room?

We've all been there. After a few months or a few years of staring at the same colors, the same decorations, and the same old room, we decide it's time for a change, but what kind of change? Deciding on a new theme for your room can be as difficult as trying to decide which TV show to binge watch, but never fear, I have 15 theme ideas for you right here!

15. White.

Let's go ahead and get one of the most basic themes you could possibly have out of the way. White! White is a beautiful color and I find that an all-white room is always just so calming. White is a pure and peaceful color and it really makes the room appear to be smooth, clear and clean.

13. Blue and black.

I currently have blue walls and black carpet in my room and I love it! I always wanted a neon blue and black theme, and I'm glad I got it! It doesn't seem like most people have black as a part of the color scheme for their room, especially not the floor, but it's a great theme to have. I like how dark it makes my room!

14. Marble.

Marble is a very popular room theme, and it's always a good choice. Marble is such a lavish looking pattern and it immediately makes the room appear to be fancy! If you can't afford real marble, it's fairly easy to find marble contact paper for cheap! Using contact paper would make it incredibly easy to make your walls, hardwood floors, or any furniture marble!

12. Peach and teal.

I did my bathroom in a peach and teal theme and I think it looks great! Reminds me of a nice sunset, and it's very bright and welcoming! Again, I don't think it's a theme a lot of people are going with, and I love for my room themes to be unique!

11. Maroon and white.

Maroon is a gorgeous color and goes well with a lot of other colors, but maroon and white is an amazing combination and will give your room a peaceful yet exciting vibe!

10. Neon.

Neon colors are bright and beautiful! If you can get LED lights, this theme could be fairly easy! It's great when you get bored and decide to have a little photoshoot in your room too!

9. Pastel.

Pastel themes are a lot less fluorescent than neon themes, but they're just as aesthetic! Pastel themes also happen to be quite easy to stick with as you can get tons of pastel decor for cheap!

8. Grunge.

The polar opposite of bright pastel colors, grunge is also a great choice for a theme. Think dark decor, polaroid pictures, janky props. Grunge is one word that describes an indescribable amount of themes all in one!

7. Dream theme.

Wanna be a professional basketball player or a doctor? Wanna be a teacher or a dancer? Cover your walls with pictures and quotes about your desired profession to inspire yourself to work harder to get to where you wanna be!

6. Holiday theme.

I'm specifically thinking of Halloween. Having skeletons, mummies, spider webs, bowls full of candy, and other spooky decors in your room all year round sounds like a pretty fun idea to me, but this one could easily work for any other holiday! If your favorite holiday is Christmas, keep a Christmas theme all year if you want!

5. Space theme.

Buy a moon lamp, decorate your ceiling with stars, buy a space tapestry for your wall! Your room will look absolutely magical in the dark!

4. Decade inspired theme.

Imagine you enter the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s every time you enter your room! These were some very aesthetic time periods and you can find tons of vintage decor that will bring your room theme to life!

3. Magazine theme.

Make tons of mood boards and dream boards and hang them up all along your wall as if your wall is the cover of a magazine. This would be a pretty unique theme and a way for you to show everyone everything you love in pictures!

2. Newspaper theme.

Magazine theme, but in black and white! This will make the theme appear more vintage, and it's rare that anyone has newspaper hanging on their wall these days so your room will definitely be unique!

1. Glam theme.

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, I am an absolute sucker for all things glam! I like shiny, sparkly, dazzling things, and if you do too then this is the theme for you! You might think it'd be difficult to make your room look lavish and like it's worth a billion bucks when you're on a budget, but it's totally not! Faux fur and diamond sticker sheets are relatively cheap to buy, but those things can make you and your room look rich! Decorate your closet, your mirrors, your desk, your windows and more by simply adding self-adhesive diamond sheets and your room will automatically look fabulous!


Picking a theme for your room can be pretty hard, but at least now you've got a few great ideas in mind! Thank you for reading!


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