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16 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Updated on July 11, 2016

Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas
Storage Ideas

16 Easy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a small home, it does not mean less storage space, maximize the storage by capitalizing on the existing area. Below are few awesome solutions for maximizing the utility of your space.

1). Great storage idea with tension rods: You can fix tension rods under the sink for keeping everything well organized; they do not require any drilling and are inexpensive. They are also effective for storing your shoes, select an area and install them instantly.

2). Bathroom Vanity: These are most conveniently used in the bathrooms, they are easy to install, spacious and can store all your toiletries at one place. Simply go for the one which has a mirror in the front and have more utility.

3). Shower pocket organizers: They are exceptionally great for storing the shower essentials well organized and within reach while you tae shower.

4). Hang the Baskets: You can hang the baskets on a narrow wall of your bathroom an store multiple things in it. It does not add to the utility but also look trendy.

5). Wall Hanging towel baskets: They are a beautiful way of keeping your towels well organized in the bathroom. They remain stored in a compact space, aired and still can be accessed easily.

6). Kitchen jars: You can screw the canister lids to bottom of cupboards and get huge space.

7). Slide out racks: Slid out racks are perfect for storing small items in the kitchen such as spices.

8). Hideaway storage: Under the bed space is a great way of storing things, it also keep your room tidy as nothing is visible.

9). Sofa beds: They are one of the most convenient furniture sets of today. They have dual utility and can be used as comfy sofas in the living room during the day while as sleeping areas at night.

10). Folding desks: You can instantly create a home office by using foldout desks which has compact storage on the top of it.

11). Storage Ottomans: Whether it is your living room or bedroom, go for seating options which have enough of storage space within them.

12). Wall mounted shelves: They are again one of the most clean ways of storing your essentials, as the name suggests they are mounted on the wall, giving you enough space to roam about, they make the room look spacious while allowing extra space.

13). Tin can craft storage idea: You can store different supplies in the repurposed tin cans by converting them into the utility stuff. Just mount them on the wall and they get converted into funky wall organizers.

14). Go for pivot wardrobe storage: You can go for a rotating wardrobe which can be great for spacing and finding the things you have stored.

15). Fix Hooks inside the wardrobes: Fix as may hooks in the wardrobes, so that your handbags, stoles, belts and other such stuff can be placed nicely in one corner.

16). Movable trays inside the wardrobes: They are used to give you convenience and add utility to the under shelves in the wardrobes, they can be easily pulled out to place the material.

Storage Ideas

Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom Vanity
Folding Desk
Folding Desk
Shower Pocket Organizer
Shower Pocket Organizer
Wall mounted shelves
Wall mounted shelves
storage ottomans
storage ottomans


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