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2009 Interior Predictions: Homemade

Updated on October 12, 2008


Following on from our previous look at the main 2009 Interior Prediction - Oriental Sweetness, this article takes a look at the 'Homemade' which is the next in the 2009 predictions. We're currently doing some new canvas prints designed specifically for the Homemade theme which we hope to introduce by the end of 2008.

"Sepia French Chair"
"Sepia French Chair"


'Homemade' can be created using a wide range of colours, most of which take an influence from nature. Shades of brown and green work well, especially when contrasted with an off white or pale sand colour. Keep the colours natural so no bold and bright colours and be modest with the furniture. Antique wood adds to the classic chocolate box cottage style. If your thinking of using Homemade in the kitchen, for the ultimate in accessories use an Arga.

From the colour palette below you can see the earth shades work well with foliage greens. Greys and blue-greys also work well (especially when considering the British weather at the moment) but try not to over use them.

'Homemade' Colour Pallette
'Homemade' Colour Pallette


'Homemade' takes most of influences from nature and your surrounding environment. Most of the colours are earthy and natural colours and the preferred choice of furniture is natural as well (no metal framed, glass topped coffee tables and bright red paint here!)

'Homemade' also takes a few things from the classic style chocolate box cottage style you see so much of on the television and in films. The other thing to remember with 'Homemade' is the other senses, especially smell. 'Homemade' is a great interior, but if you add the smell of cooking food in with it, it becomes and amazing interior so consider 'Homemade' for your kitchen.



With more and more people thinking about the environment, 'Homemade' will grow in popularity. Less and less people are trying to create the 'Yuppy' look that was so popular back in the '90s. This more natural and warmer interior theme is more suited to the current change from hi-tech or au-natural.

For added emphasis on nature, why not hang some black and white or sepia landscape canvas art? It looks elegant and subtle, but with the right canvas print can be a great focal point to a room.


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    • CasaDeMataOrtiz profile image

      CasaDeMataOrtiz 9 years ago from Fruitland, Idaho

      Forward thinking. Great hub. thank you. Bill