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2009 Interior Predictions: Lets Play

Updated on September 26, 2008


The final 2009 Interior Prediction is for 'Lets Play'. This is the inner child or immature interior theme which makes best use of bright and bold colours which have an effect of happiness within the right interior.

As with all the 2009 predictions, were currently working on an exclusive range of canvas prints, in-particular the 'Retro' section which we aim to be launch by the end of 2008.



'Lets Play' utilises the more modern bold and bright colours. Whites and off whites are a no no as its seen as too dull. Choose the bright colours and try mixing out of the colour range (blue and orange work well together, and yellow and pink) but there are also the current 'cool' colours. General Lee orange and Kawasaki Lime Green have been popular for a few years, but these modern classic colours are very bold and beautiful.

The only way to use black and white is in the furniture, but limit the amount of these flat colours as the emphasis is on the colour.

'Lets Play' Colour Pallette
'Lets Play' Colour Pallette


As I'm sure you can see from the colour palette and the choice of 'kids' colours, this style has taken a lot from children's nurseries and play areas as its main influences. The psychology behind these areas is the bright colours help to stimulate and inspire children at a young age, but it can also work with adults! Consider using this trend in work areas like studies and offices and also family rooms if you have small children.

Look to the Retro section for canvas art as the block shapes and bright colours work well and enhance the 'Lets Play' theme.

"Neo Fashion"
"Neo Fashion"


The most important thing about 'Lets Play' is enjoying the space to its fullest, so try and enjoy the design and implementation of 'Lets Play'. The bright colours help you concentrate and inspire you so don't write it off by the immaturity.

Check back to the website for updates on the 'Lets Play' canvas range, ETA Dec 2008 - Jan 2009


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    • CasaDeMataOrtiz profile image

      CasaDeMataOrtiz 9 years ago from Fruitland, Idaho

      Very concise and informative. Thanks for a great hub. Bill