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2009 Interior Predictions: Timeless Curve

Updated on September 26, 2008


Timeless curve is a modern interpretation of a classic baroque style but is mix with a more modern hi-tech idea to make the truly unique hybrid style which with the right thought and care can create a stunning interior.

As with all the 2009 Interior Predictions were currently creating a range of canvas art to suit the range which we expect to release late 2008.

'Vintage Wallpaper'
'Vintage Wallpaper'


'Timeless Curve' uses more modern colours such as greys and grey mixes like grey-blue and grey-red to add a middle colour, which can be contrasted to either white or black depending on the mood for the room.

Don't worry though, its not all about greys and blacks, ice and sky blues can work well, but don't expect this warmth if your using it. Be creative though, maybe a big red sofa as a total contrast.

'Timeless Curve' Colour Palette
'Timeless Curve' Colour Palette


'Timeless Curve' is a hybrid mix. This means its a cross of 2 already existing interior styles. Mixing the classic Baroque style with the more modern hi-tech or 'yuppy' look which was increasingly popular in the '90, 'Timeless Curve' offers up a classic yet contemporary style which works well in very large rooms to show off its grandeur.

For artwork, look for canvas prints of classic retro vintage wallpaper which over the last few seasons has seen a huge rise in popularity. These elegant and repeated patterns work well in just black and white and complement 'Timeless Curve' perfectly.

'Reverse Abstract'
'Reverse Abstract'


'Timless Curve' is just the evolution of current and past interior trends so some people might be able to adapt their current interior at minimum cost, you might only need the right artwork!

For the best results, look to use in rooms with plenty of natural sunlight and use original wood flooring if possible. Without lots of natural sunlight, this interior will feel crampt and badly done no matter how much time and money you put into making it perfect. High ceilings are good to.


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